Heart Touching Birthday Wishes For Younger Sister : Someone has rightly said, there is a Mother to fill the lack of God and to fill the lack of a mother, God has created the relation of sister. Relationship with sister is also different, sometimes fighting and sometimes love. But after mother, there is only one sister who always stands by us in happiness and sorrow. So make this special day even more memorable by wishing that lovely younger sister on her birthday.

To make this happy moment even better, we have shared many wishes on this post, so don’t delay, start reading the “Heart Touching Birthday Wishes For Younger Sister” now and send it to your younger sister. we hope you like it

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Heart Touching Birthday Wishes For Younger Sister
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Heart Touching Birthday Wishes For Younger Sister

  • My dearest baby sister, you have always been my favourite. I love you so much. Happy birthday to my angelic little sister.
  • I still remember how cute you were as a baby in mom’s arms. You have managed to remain same till today. My wish for you on this great day is that you continue to be this cute forever.
  • Happy birthday moon pie! Hope you grow up to become a wonderful and compassionate individual.
  • You are so notorious and spontaneous that sometimes you give me serious goosebumps. But I like the way you are and I don’t want to change you a bit. Happy birthday to my super fantastic and beautiful little sister!
  • I am so lucky to share some of the most wonderful moments of my life with you. You are truly a remarkable person and the best sister ever. Happy birthday!
  • Happy birthday to my sweet little sister! May your day be full of fun, laughter, and cake!
  • Sending lots of love to my wonderful sister on her 7th birthday. I wish all the best for you and your future, happy birthday to you, dear.
  • You are the small little package of a precious gift. Small yet the most valuable person in my life. Happy Birthday little sister.
  • I can’t forget how hard you worked on my last birthday, I just want to give it back to you, happy birthday to you, dear sister.
  • Despite being the younger one, sometimes you act like you are the older one. I’m proud to have a sister like you who knows everything. Happy Birthday. May God bless you.
  • Thank you for being my partner in crime. Thank you for taking dad’s scolding when I arrived late at home. Thank you for sharing your chocolates with me. I love you my little pie and happy birthday to you!
  • I couldn’t be much happier today as it is the birthday of my dearest little sister. You are my sunshine and my moon pie. I love you to the moon and back. Happy birthday little sister!
  • Side by side or miles apart, sisters forever close at heart. Happy Birthday to my lovely sister.
  • You are so adorable and charming as a person. I love to be around you all the time. Happy birthday my cute little sister!
  • Let’s celebrate your birthday like its mine. After all in your own words, what is mine is yours and yours, mine. I will be patiently waiting for my gifts.
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Heart Touching Birthday Wishes For Junior Sister

  1. My cute little sister is ready to enter the 7th year of her life, happy birthday to you, dear sister. I wish you will find tons of love and blessings in your life.
  2. Watching you grow up to be a beautiful young lady is the experience of a lifetime. Wishing you all the best on this special day!
  3. You are the most beautiful girl that I have ever seen, and you are a joy for me to be around. My dearest sister, may you live to see your dreams come true. Happy birthday, baby.
  4. Before you were born, I always wished for a cute little sister from God and he actually listened to my prayers by making you born as my sister. On your birthday, I wish you worldwide happiness and success. Happy birthday!
  5. You are not older than me, but surely you are more beautiful than me. I wish I knew the secret of aging so beautifully. Happy birthday!
  6. You are my younger sister but in every way I see you as my mother, my mentor, my best friend and my teacher. Thank you for always being there for me. Happy birthday, my little angel.
  7. I’m lucky enough to experience how good does it feel to have a little sister, who keeps on annoying you but love you at the same time. To such a sister, I wish good health and a great life ahead. Happy birthday!
  8. Congratulations to my silly little sister for becoming an official adult. You are now free to do anything except driving after boozing. May you have a scintillating birthday celebration. Wishing happy birthday to the dearest little sister!
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Heart Touching Birthday Wishes For Little Sister

  1. I am sending warm wishes and blessings for my little sister on her birthday, happy birthday to you, dear. I hope you will find tons of success and joy in your life.
  2. Some people are so nice that the earth feels blessed to have them in it. You are one of them, little sister. Happy birthday to you!
  3. Dear, little sister. Though we fight like cat and mouse over little things, I will always give mine to you in the end. Because you are my heart. Happy Birthday sweetie.
  4. The best thing our parents have done for me is giving a cute and bubbly little sister. You have this uncanny ability to make me smile whenever I feel down. Happy birthday to my gorgeous little sister!
  5. Can you recall how annoying and immature you used to be? I’m so proud of the amazing person you turned out to be over the years! Happy birthday sister!
  6. May you be satisfied with long life and prosperity and may every day you spend on earth be a good one. Happy birthday to you, my sister.
  7. Though you are younger than me, but you have taught me the importance of being humble to others. I love the fact that how sensible you are at such a young age. Happy birthday to my precious sister, I love you!
  8. The gleam on your face is way intense than any star and the Sun. You are my ray of hope in this gloomy world. Your smile and happiness are the only things that matter the most. Happy birthday to my fun-filled and enthralling little sister!
  9. It’s your birthday and I want all the good things to come to the life that you demand. You are the cutest girl on this planet. I have never seen someone more charming than you. I hope you will have a wonderful next year.
  10. You are more than a sister to me, you are a true friend who is always there for me. You are the sister I always wanted, the one who is always there for me, even when we are miles apart. Happy birthday to my baby sister.
  11. Happy birthday, dear little sis! May God bless you and all your wishes and dreams come true! Very happy returns of the day, sweetie!
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Happy Birthday Quotes For Younger Sister

  1. I prayed for a younger sibling, and God gave me not just one but one that I’m proud of. I love you, sis. Keep being great. I wish you all the best things. I wish you a happy birthday, sister.
  2. I know you may not understand it, but my love for you means that I would give up my life to protect you. Happy birthday, my angel.
  3. You have beautiful dreams and potentials. I pray you live all your dreams and become the best at whatever you set out to be. Happy birthday to you, sis.
  4. Why shouldn’t anyone cherish being with you? You’re all things sweet and I’m happy to celebrate you today. Happy birthday to you, girl.
  5. Friends may come and out, but an awesome sister like you is like a friend forever. You are so young, but still, you take care of me. Today, on your birthday, I am sending all the good wishes and blessings for you, dear.
  6. On your 18th birthday, I wish you a massively successful and pleasurable life ahead. Rock the world little sister and happy birthday!
  7. You are the cutest and the sweetest person in the world right now. I am so happy to have you as my little sister. You have added so much joy and happiness to our life, happy birthday to you, dear sister.
  8. Happy birthday to you, my sister. I’ll keep telling you that you are someone I admire. Keep going the way you’re going and see what beautiful things will come to you.
  9. No one can handle your craziness, quarrels, and squabbling better than me. Wishing my mushy and chubby little sister a happy birthday!
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Heart Touching Birthday Wishes for Younger Sister From Elder Sister

  1. Happy birthday my favorite sister! Unfortunately, you are my only sister, or I would have had an option to pick my favorite. I love you anyway!
  2. They say that friends come and friends go, but sisters are forever – that’s why I’m so glad my best friend is my sister. And that’s you!
  3. I don’t think I have any other word to use to tell you that you’re just totally amazing. Happy birthday to you, my sweet sister.
  4. You are a blessing in my life. Happy birthday, little sister!
  5. Today’s a good day to remind you that life will be beautiful for you. Just keep being the smart, sweet girl that you are. Happy birthday to you, sis.
  6. Dear baby sister, how much I love you can’t ever be explained in words. To me, you are the world’s best gift from God. And yes, I love irritating you a lot by pulling your cheeks. Happy birthday, the cutest!
  7. I was born when you were only three years old. We had our first fight when you were eight, but we became closer when you were sixteen. You are the best sister I could ever wish for. Happy birthday.


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