Heart Touching Birthday Wishes for Cousin Brother : Friends, is your cousin brother’s birthday and you are looking for heart touching wishes  to wish your cousin bro. So your search will end here. Because through this post, we shared you such a heart touching birthday wishes for cousin brother, so that you can make your cousin happy.

The specialty of these heart touching birthday wishes for cousin brother quotes is that when you send it to your cousin or you will dedicate it and he will be emotionally attached to you. This kind of happy birthday to beautiful cousin quotes will help a lot to increase emotionally attachment. Also we shared birthday wishes for cousin sister quotes.

Heart Touching Birthday Wishes for Cousin Brother

Heart Touching Birthday Wishes for Cousin Brother

  • Not everyone is as lucky as you are to have such an awesome cousin wish you a happy birthday today.
  • Happy birthday, I wish you every day, for more joys and love and many many more birthdays.
  • I often think what a shame it is that we live far apart, but hopefully we can meet up more often! I miss you! Have an amazing birthday, my dear cousin!
  • Dear cousin brother, On your birthday, I pray to God to shower blessings, success, and good luck in your life. Keep moving, keep rocking. Happy birthday to my brother!
  • The most valuable things in life can show up in the most unlikely places. Like cousins. You mean so much to me, and I adore you.
  • It doesn’t really matter whether you are my first cousin, second cousin or third cousin. All I know is that you are the first friend I made in my life. Happy birthday.
  • Having a cousin like you is the best gift ever to me. You always inspire me and I am grateful for that. Have a fantastic birthday and may you live long to inspire more people in your life.
  • We might only be cousins, but I think of you as one of my best friends. You are definitely the coolest cousin, and I hope we share lots more unforgettable moments.
  • Cousin brother, you remember how we used to fight together for mere an ice cream. Today is your birthday. I wish you all the luck in life.
  • The best things between us are our endless trust and faith in each other and love till eternity. Have a nice and excited birthday to my crazy cousin brother!
  • I remember our childhood. With you it was so beautiful and memorable. I wish those days come again. Happy birthday my beer partner!
  • It doesn’t really matter whether you are my first cousin, second cousin or third cousin. All I know is that you are the first friend I made in my life. Happy birthday.
  • This birthday I wanted to let you know that you will forever be an irreplaceable part of my life. I hope your birthday is as phenomenal as you are cousin.
  • My sweetest cousin brother, wishing you happy birthday. Enjoy as you want to but don’t over. Prayers and love for you.
  • Today is all about you cousin. You are a superstar, superhero, and super boss. Basically, you are amazing, and I hope every dream you wish will come true. Happy birthday!
  • For all the years you ratted me out to my parents I forgive you, because it’s your birthday. Also, I may have ratted you out to your parents a couple times too.
  • My dear cousin brother, you remind me of my childhood. I love you and wish you dearest happy birthday. Love and prayers for you.
  • Another birthday is here again They keep on coming just like falling rain But at least it gives me the chance to say My lovely cousin have a wonderful day
  • Happy birthday to a guy I’ve always wished was my brother! Really though, I’m just grateful to have you in my life at all, cousin!
  • I wish all the world happiness for you. I wish no sadness for you. I wish all adventure for you. I wish you in my life again and again. Happy birthday cousin bro!
  • Cousin brother, you are the most understanding man in my life. I wish all the best in life and wish you happiest birthday.
  • Even through our many fights you have been patient and kind. I am really lucky that I have a cousin as loving as you. This birthday I hope you receive all the joy your heart can hold.
  • I am so lucky I have a cousin like you. You are someone I can always rely on, and I hope your birthday is filled with joy, love, and laughter.
  • Cousin brother, on your birthday I want to give you a best mantra for living life. And it is- live as you want to. Happy birthday!
  • May no suffering ever touch you. May no poverty ever touch you. May you have all the blessings. May all love you. Happy birthday brother!
  • If I am the supporting pillar, you are the life running in the veins of this family. Happiest birthday to the craziest member of the family.
  • May you long live my cousin brother and enjoy your all birthdays. But I wish on your every birthday I get all the gifts! Happy birthday!
  • In you, I found a true friend and a brother, and that’s why this day means so much to me too. Happy birthday, cousin! May your life be blessed with joy and success.
  • Today I’m giving you your favorite gift cousin brother. You mean a lot to me. I want you to be successful in life. Wishing happy birthday!
  • Keep doing good things in your life, and continue filling your life pages with wisdom and good deeds. Happy birthday my dear cousin.
  • May you forever laugh. May you never struggle in life. May you get always lucky. I wish you my brother always. Happy birthday!
  • We are definitely a family, my cousin. I find myself in you, and I hope you find yourself in me. You can turn to me anytime, and I can turn to you anytime. Happy birthday.
  • Dear cousin brother, there are two powerful forces that you must have- imaginations and dreams. On your birthday, may your all dreams come true.
  • Cousin, you know that you’ve always been like a brother to me. After all, you know me inside and out and you certainly know how to push my buttons!
  • I wish you be a man of your words. Few exists like this. Happy birthday to you. May you be famous and wealthy in life.
  • You mean the absolute world to me, because you are the type of person who gives so unselfishly. I hope to be even half the person you are one day. Happy birthday!
  • The real happiness is having an elder brother who can take care of all your mess without letting know the parents. Happy birthday to my superhero brother!
  • You’re not just a cousin but a brother too, but don’t be fooled into thinking that means you’ll get two birthday gifts this year! Happy birthday to you, bro!
  • Being an elder brother of a quirky sister in itself the most Herculean task of the world. You have done the job really well. Happiest birthday to the mushiest brother!
  • I remember our childhood. With you it was so beautiful and memorable. I wish those days come again. Happy birthday my beer partner!
  • Let me congratulate my favorite cousin with this important day. Wish you the greatest party and greatest friends. It’s your time to shake your body!
  • The great moments that we shared are among the best moments of my life. I‘m so happy to have such a special cousin! May you have a perfect birthday!
  • You are just one of the best cousins I could have had. You have also been a great friend, and I hope you have a great day. Wishing you a fabulous birthday.
  • A cousin who’s so dear and unlike any other will always be more like a real life brother! Happy birthday, cousin brother!
  • My brother, I know you want to do something unique, something life changing. I wish you for that on your birthday. Love you and enjoy!
  • You know cousin brother, sometimes you suck. You suck so great that I think why you are here in my life. But yet I wish you happy birthday because you are my brother.
  • Tons of birthday wishes to the most dashing and intelligent cousin brother in the world! You better throw me a party now or else I will take my wishes back.
  • Each birthday marks the end of one year and the beginning of another one. Therefore, I hope you celebrate the gift of life. And we stay friends, not just cousins, for the years to come.
  • My lovely brother, no matter where life will take us, I will always be there for you, standing by your side in every situation. Happiest birthday to my dearest brother!
  • We are brothers from different mothers. Yet our bond is like real. You are so near my heart that I wish you a lovely happy birthday!
  • Happy Birthday. Let the good times roll! Wish I was there to celebrate with you, cousin. Have fun and enjoy yourself today!
  • I feel so honored and lucky to have an iconic personality and an outstanding brother like you in my life. Enticing bday wishes for brother!
  • Though I am not quite sure about whether you are going to give a birthday party or not, still I wish you a happy birthday brother. May you achieve massive wealth and create fantastic moments!
  • Who need friends when someone has a caring and protective brother like you. Not only you are my best friend, but also a role model for me. Happy birthday brother!
  • The only thing that pinches me about you is my mother loves you more than me. She always wishes to have a son like you. Let’s exchange each other’s mom. Happy birthday to my brother from a different mother.
  • If I make you cry, you make me laugh, and vice versa. This is a typical circle going on between us for a long time. I wish we both have each other backs always like this. Happy birthday Bhai!
  • To my dear cousin, the brother I never had, I wish you the absolute best on your special day!
  • I won the jackpot when it came to cousins because I ended up with a kind, caring, and supportive one like you! Happy birthday!
  • You are the husband of my sister and that doesn’t stop me from calling you, my brother. Happy birthday to my brother!
  • The warmest greetings are for my dear cousin. Your smile and warm manner will conquer the world. You are the best! Happy birthday!
  • If you have happiness in your life, everything else will come with it. I wish you all the happiness in the world on this special day. Have fun, my cousin.
  • A very joyous birthday to my parents’ second favorite child. Yeah, I will always be the first one. Jokes apart, best birthday wishes on your special day!
  • I seriously consider myself one of the luckiest persons in the world as I have a fabulous brother like you in my life. Bday wishes for brother!
  • Everything about you is so perfect except for your sense of humor. I wish you could be a bit funnier and jollier. But something can’t be changed. Happy birthday to the best brother cum friend ever!
  • On your special day, my only wish is that may all your wishes come true and you take the shining name and legacy of this family a notch higher. Happy birthday, Bhai! Party like there is no tomorrow!
  • Hey brother, thanks for being a trustworthy friend, a healthy competitor, and a fantastic motivator. You are truly a fabulous being. Happy birthday big brother!
  • I was so desperately waiting for your birthday as I will have the regal opportunity to smash the birthday cake once again on your face. Don’t worry, you can’t do anything about it. Happy birthday, bro!
  • More than a brother, you are the coolest friend every guy dreams to have in his life. Happy birthday and may you be always blissful, successful, and peppy.

Final Words : Our cousin brother also come to that family. The cousin’s relationship is like a true friend . Who face each of our problems together. We hope, you enjoyed our  heart touching birthday wishes for cousin brother article. Copy any one birthday quotes and send it on cousin’s Facebook , Whatsapp or any others social media platform.

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