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Happy Birthday Wishes SMS portal is just for you, it is important to send happy birthday greetings, happy birthday Sms / messages, cards to your friends, relatives, colleagues or someone’s fabulous birthday on the auspicious occasion. We’ve shared the beautiful post on this website through several menus. Which you can easily share your favorite greetings to your special person. Below are some happy birthday wishes SMS or birthday greetings. You can copy birthday sms from this website.

Happy Birthday Wishes SMS

Today is a birthday to your Mom, Dad, Friends and you want to send the best happy birthday wishes SMS & birthday greetings to your relatives and you looking some beautiful happy birthday SMS. Don’t worry, We collected the best birthday wishes and some fun birthday quotes that you can wish your loved ones. Birthday wishes can show how grateful you are to those friends and relatives who are always for you through the ups and downs of life. Feel free to send these birthday messages or birthday greetings to greet your loved ones, relative’s Facebook wall, Whatsapp etc. She/he will be very happy with your beautiful quotes. For this reason, I decided to create this website. You can get beautiful happy birthday wishes SMS, birthday pictures, birthday greetings through this post and send a nice line or message to the person you love.

1.Do not count the candles … Look at the lights that they give. Not counting the years, The life you have lived, wish you a happy time ahead. Happy B-Day!

2. A good wishes for you on your birthday, you will get whatever you want, you will find what you are looking for, whatever you want will be fulfilled on your birthday.” Happy B-day!

3. May You be gifted with the greatest happiness and never-ending happiness of life. After all, you are a gift for the Earth, so you deserve to be the best. happy B-Day.

4. Do not count your life with tears, Count with smiles. Do not count your age by years, Count with friends.

5. Birthday is a new start and new goals to pursue new efforts. Proceed with confidence and courage. You are a very special person. Be a wonderful day and all your days! Happy Birthday.

6. Hope this amazing day brings you all that wants your heart! Wish you a pleasant surprise day here! happy B-Day!

7. Maybe I cannot celebrate your special day with you, but I want to say that, I always think about you and wish you a Happy Birthday.

8. Many years ago, God sends an angel to the earth. Angels touched their life and that happened! Happy birthday my beautiful angel!

9. It is not enough to express with words, I am very happy that you are celebrating this beautiful day of your life with your closest people! I wish you good luck on your birthday that you will always be happy and healthy. wish you a very happy b-day

10.  A friend like you is more valuable from anything in the world. You are not only strong and intelligent person, also you are kind and thinking person. A perfect opportunity to show you how happy and grateful I am to your birthday. happy B-Day

11. On your birthday, I wish that Our friendship is never going to break, All the happy lives give you happiness, And you will be happy dear. Happy B-Day

12. It seems sweet everyday, but today is a special day. I do not want to spend this day without you, I always pray with my heart, you are always happy and healthy. Happy Birthday To You

13. Every way is easy, be happy every day, Be beautiful every day, this is the whole life,It is our prayer to have your birthday in such a way as you want. Happy B-Day !!

14. The sun has come with light, And the birds started singing, Flowers laughed and said you, Congratulations.

15. The right recipe for your birthday. 20 percent of love should be mix with 30 percent luck. Add up to 30 percent of the health with 20 percent happiness and be happy. happy b-day!

Happy Birthday To You Collection

Birthday comes once a year. On this occasion, friends and family relatives are given good wishes. Birthday brings happiness and this happiness includes all of us on the birthday of our relative or friend. Happy birthday to you with such nice quotes on such an important day makes you different from others. So choose one of the given quotes below and wish your loved ones. We believe that you will like our special birthday post and you will definitely bookmark this site.

16. On your birthday, may God bless you with all joy and prosperity.

17. Your life will be filled with love, stability, peace and vitality during the coming year! wish you a very- happiest birthday!

18. You’re that buddy of my life, who’s always with me to support and encourage me. You’re the person who was always with me to hear all of my problems and the very best things occur in my life. Happy Birthday, buddy.

19. Birthday gives you the feeling of being a star. Because, on your special day you will get a lot of attention and congratulations from everyone!

20. I feel very lucky to have a superb and affectionate person just like you. Happy birthday! I hope all your wishes are fulfilled on this special day.

21. Thanks for being in my life You’re the most powerful reason for my own survival.

22. May your life be bombarded with joy, that every morning you grow to be the very beautiful morning, I wish the happy remained on your face, I wish our friendship to go on for a lifetime. May this birthday attract a lot of emotion in your life.*

23. That you get all of the things you deserve in the world, which you’re always treated with joy, your life is always full of sunlight, which you don’t ever feel loneliness, happy birthday and you’re amazing!

24. May you touch the skies with your large success. I totally trust you, 1 day you will achieve all of your dreams. I love you Dear. Happy Birthday.

25.. You are the person who always takes my hands gently, who hears my voice day and night without any annoyance, also can think well about me. Happy B-Day to that Heart.

26. You’ve given me lots of valuable and fascinating memories of my life. So, I am sending a lot of happiness and love to you. I fall in love with you again and agian.

27. The entire family wishes you a happy birthday along with vibrant life.

28. Today is a really special day for me, because today is your Happy Birthday, though every day is special for me because of you. Sending you lots of happiness and love.

29. Another birthday, which means you gradually. However, I don’t find any change from you. You seem perfect. Happy Birthday.

30. May all of the best things in the world happen in your life. because, you’re undoubtedly one of the greatest people.

Happy Birthday Images With Quotes

FAQ Of Birthday Wishes

What is a Unique way to wish Happy Birthday?

Do you want to send birthday wishes for someone’s birthday? But you are not able to express your feelings correctly. That’s why you take help from different messages, birthday greetings, photos, etc. That’s why you take a lot of time, but you can easily get your favorite happy birthday wishes SMS, birthday message, birthday greetings on this website. Please read all the above wishes properly and send birthday messages or birthday greeting to your close relatives. We hope you will like the birthday wishes SMS and you will find your close relatives smiling on her/his birthday and she/he will be very happy with your birthday wishes.

Birthday Wishes Messages

31. I always want to be a great friend like you. However, there isn’t any way to become a much better friend than you on earth.

32. Soon you may begin a brand new year of your life and that I am hoping this coming year brings you all of the success you deserve.

33. Happy Birthday, bro. Not only would you be the greatest brother on the planet, but also my very best friend.

34. Mom, nobody in this world can take your place in my heart. You’re the best mother in the world. Happy Birthday.

35. Every morning once I awaken, I always thank you. You’re the only one who undoubtedly love me. I’m so lucky that I found you as a mother.

36. When you are born on rainy days. it wasn’t really rain, the sky was crying because he lost the star of the sky.

37. Do you think that you are special because you have a birthday today? You are something special every day!

38. Our whole life is a birthday which never comes back and we should celebrate with more peace and happiness.

39. I wish you all the best of 365 wonderful days filled with happiness, love and health for your new year. Enjoy every second and start each day with a smile.

40. I wish you to have a step closer to your dreams in the new year of your life, be free from stones on your way, always help from your side and all your desires are fulfilled.

41. Today is a special day. I hope to fulfill all your wishes in the coming year.

42. I wish your eyes shine, a smile on your face. And never forget, no matter how hard it is, that you are very special.

43. Fun, smile and much happiness today on your special day. I wish you well and much more.

44. I wish you a happy birthday, I am away from you, you do not know how much I want to be with you now. I Love U .

45. From a distance, I send all the love for your birthday. Enjoy this new year in your beautiful way with your great friends and you get success in everything.

46. Enjoy your honor day and I know that someone thinks of you and loves you a lot. happy B-day

47. Today is your birthday. Another year which went, sand of time, the clock is dripping. The important thing is that you do not forget about one thing, that I am grateful for your friendship every day.

48. My life wouldn’t be the same Without your energy and you. Happy Birthday.

49. May your route ahead be filled Thanks for all you do to me. Happy Birthday.

50. Happy birthday to a person without whom I cannot imagine life. Thank you and enjoy your specials today.

51. The impact you have made is Worth a thousand birthday spoils and much more. Happy birthday — will you be blessed with dreams and happy ideas.

Happy Birthday Wishes Simple Text

To wish someone’s birthday, most people use beautiful words and poem, but not everyone likes it. There are also a few simple people who like only a simple birthday wishes. If it is the birthday of one of your closest simple friend and they like simple way, then you should also take the help of a happy birthday wishes simple text and I know that you have come to this website only for this simple birthday wishes. Don’t worry, you are at the right place. Below we have shared a special many best simple birthday messages which you will definitely like.

52. Happy birthday for my bestie. Thank you for understanding me !

53. I could not imagine a better friend than you. happy B-Day.

54. Have a fantastic day today. You deserve it! Thanks for your friendship — with you, I will always be happy.

55. I expect today will probably be your best birthday yet. Keep smiling!

56. Happy birthday for my cherished friend. Thanks For being there for me .

57. Happy birthday to my brother. Thank you for being you.. I treasure our days!

58. Thank you Friend for growing up with me,. Happy Birthday.

59. My loved ones, thank you.  You have my best interests in mind and it means that the entire world!

60. To my love, happy birthday. I hope you’ve got a magical day!

61. As friends go, you are not among the best… You’re the best! Happy Birthday.

62. Today is the day that you were created to be my best friend! Happy Birthday.

63. Opt for the best desire among our listing and Remember to Blend it with our special birthday selection!

64. I am observing this very Special day together with you into my heart. Happy Birthday.

65. Fly high into the happiness and Watch your fantasies come true. Happy Birthday.

Very Short Birthday Wishes

Nowadays short birthday wishes are going on more. Because people are becoming more social and such small birthday wishes are set comfortably on images. Getting comfortable on images, sharing and congratulating on social media has become a passion. We think it is better to set one line birthday wishes with images that are many times better than just text. With this, you will leave an impression in his heart and he will definitely remember you.

66. Best things are to come this Year, observe being special about each and every day!

67. May this season surprise you ! Filled with pleasure and joy!

68. So lots of candles to get a cake? Let us face it, you are getting older – Happy birthday beautiful!

69. May this season be special in Every manner as you are! Happy Birthday.

70. You are older than yesterday, however Younger compared to tomorrow!

71. Out of friends? If you would like to be with somebody who you love, are not you already there?

72. Do not light the candles before I arrive! Happy birthday and enjoy this day!

73. A Birthday is only one more 365-day journey around sunlight. Love the trip”

74. Age is only the Amount of decades that the world has been appreciating you.

75. Today you’re you! That’s truer than true! There’s no one Living who’s you-er than you!

76. I have learned from you. thanks for everything. Happy Birthday.

77. Your special birthday went and came, here is the present I Should have shipped.

78. Congratulations to be born several years ago… Happy Birthday.

79. It is remarkable how long we have tolerated each other. Happy Birthday.

Happy Birthday Status

People do not stop updating status, whether they do something or not. Updating the status is as if healing the wounds. We are all trapped in the social media cycle, whether they are celebrities or ordinary people. Not only children and young people, old people are also involved in the status update mania. We are all surrounded by a web of status updates. That is why we included Happy Birthday status on this post so that you can get the birthday status easily. Now don’t delay, read the status and update the status with the birthday images.

80. Happy Birthday! We desired a candle Fire brigade would not allow it…

81. Card messages are not my thing. Happy Birthday.

82. Becoming connected to me personally is really the real gift you want.

83. As you’ll be next year you’re not as old! Happy Birthday.

84. Now you Everything legally you had been performing illegally since you’re a child.

85. Happy adulthood! Travel… Happy Birthday.

86. You’re 18 you are considered a teen and also an adult! Lucky you!

87. In the event that you have been a cricketer you would be happy with half of a century!

88. Now your age could round up ! Happy Birthday.

89. Let us crack open a jar… of prune juice. Happy Birthday wrinkly!

90. Substantial numbers! I think That warrants a much larger bash!

91. We are all only tall children but also you stand taller than anybody Child at I understand.

92. Could I borrow maturity and your wisdom? You won’t Be needed these items.

93. Age is a number and it does not matter Because I love you!

94. Turning 70 is similar to sitting at the top of a skyscraper. You get The best perspective of life.

95. You are the best case of 80 being the 60. Happy Birthday.

96. It isn’t how old you’re. It’s how you’re old. Happy Birthday.

97. You’re four times as old. That means You are four times the pleasure!

98. Wishing you the important matters in life; wellbeing, Happy Birthday.

99. To the creator of what we call our loved ones. Happy 90th Birthday!

100. I hope your special Birthday is as wonderful as you are… Happy Birthday.

Final Words

The day a person is born, this day is his birthday. In general terms, when the mother born a child from her womb. The day is celebrated as her birthday. We feel very happy when the birthday comes. Birthdays are celebrated for all children, young and old. Childhood comes and goes, youth comes and goes but never goes after getting old. Remember friends, and if you are getting older, you are growing up, you are growing old. Yes, i would like to do say that take care of yourself, be healthy and do physical activity so that your life is healthy and full of happiness.

Friends, I hope you have liked our happy birthday wishes SMS post. Which we have shared in this page, if you wish, you can make quotes more beautiful by emphasizing good words according to you and you can also buy a card and write quotes on it. We tried to help you to save your time. If you like it, don’t forget to share it with friends and relative.