Happy Birthday to My Favorite Nephew : Happy birthday to my nephew. He is 4 years young. I miss my nephew. I wish he was here so we could spend it with him. I hope you have a good one, love you, little man.

I have tried many times, but failed… I guess, I just cannot stop myself from spoiling a very cute and adorable nephew like you, happy birthday my little one!

I feel bad for uncles all around the world because no one has a nephew as cool as me. You’re the best and enjoy your best birthday my cute nephew!

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Happy Birthday to My Favorite Nephew
Happy Birthday to My Favorite Nephew

Happy Birthday to My Favorite Nephew

  • The best thing your parents ever did was, have you. The second best thing was letting me spoil the mess out of you. Happy birthday, nephew!
  • The best thing in the universe is Y,O and U, Happy birthday my nephew!
  • Before you were born, I was just another ordinary man. But after your birth, I was elevated to the status of being an amazing uncle. Happy birthday.
  • Next time your parents chide you, simply say ‘Back off or I’ll call my auntie’. You are now an year older, they should know that. Happy Birthday.
  • There were some difficult moments, some years you didn’t want to leave … but you made it till this point. Great Job Nephew!!
  • My awesome nephew, I look at you and realize that there is hope for our crazy family.
  • Your birthday marks the beginning of a new year full of bright and cheerful moments. I know that this year will be spectacular for you.
  • Looking at the stars, I am reminded of the star in you. Have a Cute day dear nephew.
  • May your future be full of bright possibilities and wise decisions. Or at least not phenomenally stupid decisions!
  • From your favorite uncle to my favorite nephew, your birthday is special because along with you, this is also my special day to treat you! Have the best birthday nephew!
  • I hope your day is filled with lots of smiles and laughter! Have a great day.
  • You are the best part of many people’s life. Thank You and have an happy birthday Nephew.
  • You’re smart, talented, and handsome. You must take it after your uncle. Happy birthday to my favorite nephew!

happy birthday favorite nephew

  • Happy Birthday. You are a wonderful nephew but I am only sending you this birthday card.
  • God gave us, your uncle and aunt, to make our lives better. Happy birthday Nephew!
  • You are such smart and bright. You show so much potential for the future. Looking forward to seeing you thrive in life. Wishing you the best, nephew!
  • Happy Birthday. Wishing you a great year for my nephew!
  • ) You are less like a nephew and more like a son. You have conquered every corner of my heart, you little one. Happy birthday.
  • I want to wish my most handsome nephew a very happy birthday and I pray that he is blessed with many, many more. Enjoy your day, sweetie. Know that your auntie loves you.
  • I’m so amazed at how far you’ve come, but I’m in awe of how far you’ll go. May all your future years be just as amazing as you are.
  • One more year older and you haven’t changed a bit. Oh yeah, that’s because you were perfect before. Happy birthday nephew!
  • Screaming at the top of my lungs. Happy 3rd Birthday to my handsome nephew! I hope you have a super duper special day.
  • Next time your parents scold you say ‘Back off, or I’ll call my aunt’. Happy birthday.
  • To me, you are more like a son and less like a nephew. On this special day, may you continue to conquer every corner of my heart Happy birthday.
  • It’s your special day. I hope it is filled with all those things you love. I am happy to be of help to you and make sure that you have a birthday that keeps you laughing and feeling young! I love you, nephew! Happy birthday!
  • You’re a second son to me, and I want you to know that I will always be there for you if and when you need me. When you need a lifeboat in life just call me.
  • The best gift I could give you, dear Nephew, was a car. But I don’t want to overcome your parents. Happy Birthday!
  • Happy Birthday my nephew. I just want you to know that I love you dearly and that if you ever need a place to crash, you can come over.

happy birthday nephew from your favorite aunt

  • You have already won my heart; I wish you all the happiness and joy that comes with a birthday. Happy birthday to you!
  • May you get everything you wish for and more on your special day. You definitely deserve it and so much more.
  • Chocolate, sweets … all these candies and still not enough sweetness to express how much I love you my dear Nephew.
  • Happy birthday nephew! You’re turning that perfect start living the life you want being the person you want to be. I hope your birthday is full of excitement and adventure.
  • Perhaps, one of the biggest problems of having you as a nephew is that everyone else in the family has turned out to be too boring to spend quality time with. Happy Birthday!
  • This is a birthday I couldn’t miss. You’re the best nephew in the world and you keep making me really proud to be your uncle.
  • Nephews fill a special role in life. The role of being smothered by their aunt. You know you secretly love it. Happy birthday!
  • Happy Birthday, Nephew! Today and every day remember to enjoy the small things that bring you the most joy. Have a terrific day!
  • On your birthday, I wish you the strength of flame, the power of the sea. And most importantly, I wish you love. Happy birthday my dear nephew.
  • Warmest wishes for your birthday. May you enjoy decades and decades of happiness and prosperity.
  • Look at what a grand journey your life has been so far, and it’s only going to get even better. Happy birthday, nephew!
  • Wonderful Birthday to the man I will perpetually call my son! I cherish you, from your adoring close relative.


Everyone is jealous over how much I spoil you. They should actually be jealous of how much you love me! Happy birthday my cute nephew!

May your birthday be the biggest celebration of the year. Right after mine of course.

My dear nephew on your birthday, I wish you all the happiness in this world. Wishing on a cake may sound clichéd but it has more to do with putting such wishes into action than on spending money and time on elaborate cards.

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