235+ Ways to Say Happy Birthday Son ! ! Lots Of Birthday Wishes For Son Quotes

91. On your birthday I wish I could stop time. Not just to keep you forever but so I can stop feeling so outdated! Happy birthday for my son who makes me feel young at heart.

92. My pleasure in with you as my kid is something which can not be quantified. I am so glad I had been blessed with a young child as astounding as you.

93. Ever since the day you’re born you’ve brought nothing but significance and joy in my life. You’re a wonderful son, and that I feel so blessed to be your parent. Happy birthday sweet son!

94. Know that everything you decide to do in life that I shall forever be proud of you. I’m particularly proud this year on your birthday that you’re getting to be a clever, kind, and considerate young man.

Happy Birthday Son From Mom

95. Being a parent is never a simple undertaking, but loving a kid as valuable as you’re not hard. You attract boundless wonder and love in my life. Happy birthday my own son!

96. Know when I scold you, it is just because I care, and once I hug you, it is always because I love you to bits. I wish for just the very best in life for you, and may your birthday be full of a lot of gifts and bliss.

97. I expect you always go in the path of success, my son, and if it is in love or life, I trust that all of your dreams and dreams come true. Happy birthday! I can not imagine not being just one. It is all because I’ve got a boy as impressive as you.

98. You’ve always wanted us to deal with you as an adult, therefore this birthday we decided to give your desire. The chores and cleaning are yours this season. You are welcome!

99. These are the moments I believe is flying far too quickly. You’ve grown out of a kid to a young guy in a blink of an eye. Wishing I could slow down time and wishing you a happy birthday son.

100. Each and every day as the day that you came in my life you have done nothing but despise me. I am so thankful I have a boy who isn’t just charming but perfection too.

Happy Birthday Son Quotes

101. This season I would like you to know my world is better with you in it. I might not have understood how wonderful it is a parent. A son like you’re exactly what every parent dreams of.

102. My love for you has always been free, but it is my pride and confidence that you have really earned through time. I’m incredibly proud of this young man you have turned into.

103. However old you get, understand you will always be my baby boy. You might not enjoy it, but sometimes that is how the cookie crumbles.

104. If you’re a kid, you cried at me, even when you’re a teenager you barely spoke, but that you are a grown guy your words are so quite priceless to me. Below are a few words to your birthday which I really mean: ” I adore you.

105. Even if you’re just too old to get a space in our home, there’ll always be space for you in our hearts. You won’t ever be too old because of our love and service. Happy birthday for our exceptional son!

106. If your birthday is only half as good as you, it’ll be the best party of the year. May your special day be full of plenty of cake and gifts.

107. Regardless of what way you choose in life, I shall always send you the very best of fantasies. I am hoping that this year your birthday is full of everything you might possibly desire. Happy birthday, kid!

108. Always keep in mind that if life gets too hard for you that it’s still possible to turn to your own parents. Hugs and guidance will remain free of us. They may be the only things which are!

109. I expect that all of your future birthdays are only as memorable as you are, my son. They ought to be since your adoring parents plan on being there for every single one of these.

110. I return with so much fondness and pleasure on all of the time that I’ve been blessed with you in my entire life. I can only hope that if you are older, you will do exactly the same. Happy birthday for my precious son!

111. I expect all of your tomorrows will be full of everything good life offers because with a son as enchanting and wonderful as you’ve enriched my life in so many ways. Happy birthday for my mischievous, darling, and totally adorable boy. May you be happy and healthy on your special day.

112. For a parent, it is my task to cherish each of the special moments I get to discuss with you. Having a boy as fantastic since you makes it easy. Happy birthday my son!

113. If you’re small, I was your hero, but you’ve become young. I can not believe how much you have grown in the past couple of decades. You have come to be a smart, strong, and courageous young person whom I look around.

114. Happy birthday my son that I promise to sing additional loud just for you You’ve brought a lot of happiness in our lives, and we’re forever thankful. No parents might be proud of the kid that we are of you.

115. I was the 1 practice you to use the potty, but today you’re the 1 training me to become a much better parent. Just so that you know I’m totally fine with this change!

116. When you feel cold and lonely in life, simply call me, and my hugs are going to keep you warm. May you feel only everlasting affection and boundless support in your birthday.

117. I might not always have a great deal of free time in my entire life, but that I will always make time to you. You’re the most important gift I’ve ever been given in life.

Birthday Messages For Son

118. I might have instructed you how to become a fantastic person, however, you taught me how to become an excellent parent. Your expectations consistently made me strive harder to be the type of person you’d be pleased with.

119. Do not stress that simply because you are getting old, we will not still get you presents. This year we chose to get you a present that revolved around money as you always appear to enjoy the finest: the present of paying all of your personal bills. Happy birthday you grew you up!

120. My son, you’re a perfect example of everything that’s gone in my entire life. May your birthday be full of an explosion of pleasure, laughter, and gifts.