235+ Ways to Say Happy Birthday Son ! ! Lots Of Birthday Wishes For Son Quotes

31. Recall the days when you used to attempt and conceal your browser’s history, or even the texts of your”feminine” buddies or the key exits of the nighttime by the gate? Well, I understood everything .

32. Happy birthday for a wonderful son that has a beautiful mum, beautiful dad and parents of all rock stars! my son, now is the day and it is time to celebrate! Fantastic birthday!

33. One thing you may consider when you grow older is you will look as nice and great as your own parents. It is your day now! It is time to observe my little man! Finest birthday!

34. We always concur with you for giving us a lot of chances to learn patience and endurance. Following is a large lovely birthday to a wonderful son who’ve brought a lot of joy in our lives!

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35. I expect you to celebrate your birthday how you had been born. Naked and crying. Son, you’ve been over a source of pride and joy for all of us. Happy birthday sweet son!

36. With each passing birthday we notice that you become higher and higher. At least we’ve got some indication of you growing up. Ha-Ha! Happy birthday, son and have an excellent day.

37. You’re the minutes of this past, the precious minutes of this gift and the guarantee of a fantastic future. It all is the only place you’ve got within my heart. Happy birthday my son.

38. A day just like today you gladdened the planet with your arrival and my life changed entirely. Cakes and presents aren’t the only things which may make your kid to become happy with his birthday.

39. I’m thankful every day that you came in my own world. You’ve nothing but happiness in my life. Let us wait until the party to learn exactly what I got you on your birthday!

40. There are just a few parents on the planet that are fortunate enough to have been blessed with a superb son just like you. Thanks for letting us be the best parents we can be, simply by being yourself a fantastic, lovely boy.

41. On such day you were born, it looks like the whole planet has celebrated. Really, you’re extremely special to us my loved ones, lovely birthday! Now is the birthday, son. Go and have a feeling of pleasure! Happy birthday from the mommy!

42. You bring as much pleasure into our life. Time flies very fast and you’ve come to be so much more powerful and wiser daily but keep in mind you will always be my baby.

43. Our entire world could be summed up in only 3 letters — SON. That is “I love you”. Happy birthday sweet son.

44. Son, Just like you should be known as the Sun, because you are literally the bright days in our own lives. In my pride and pleasure, you’re the reason why I wake up with a smile every morning.

45. Son, here’s a special message from most of us we are so grateful that God has given such a nice young boy to be our own son. We love you a lot, best bday!

46. I’m so pleased to have been given a kid who shines brighter than sunlight every day. Fantastic bday for you my loved ones. May all of your dreams and fantasies come true.

47. On the most adorable little guy . I would like you to understand that you are my best drug and on your birthday, all I need is to see you happy. I adore you !

48. People frequently say thanks to God for providing them, fantastic parents. In my scenario, I’d rather give thanks to God for giving me this amazing and handsome boy. Fantastic Birthday for you dearest son!

49. On the eldest son in the world, I wish you will have many more blessings to come not just on your special day however for the remainder of your life. Happy Bday!

50. This afternoon is really the ideal day to watch because it’s the birthday of the most wonderful man in the world.

51. My joy in having you as my kid is something which can not be quantified. It may only be sensed through plenty of hugs, kisses, and adoration. I am so glad I had been blessed with a young child as astounding as you.

52. You’re adored for being a wise type that you are and for being a magical person which you’ve come to be today. May your birthday be blessed with everything that God desires for your life! Fantastic Birthday!

53. Dear son, you’re the sole reason I continue to smile each day of my entire life despite all of the disappointments and struggles. You’re the love of my life and that I will forever be grateful to God for giving you to us. Happy Birthday! I love you!

54. My beloved son, remember you will always have a spot within my heart. I love you a lot, lovely bday! I love you my dearest son. Finest Bday!

55. My dearest child, you’re our greatest reward. May this birthday of yours and all of your tomorrows be full of everything that is great in life! I love you, want your best bday!

56. Loving you, son is really the best pleasure of my life. Thanks for making it effortless for me. Happiest birthday for you!

57. Son, we’ve always been proud of you. Our hearts are bursting with so much pride because you’ve grown to this wonderful individual, someone who’s full of joy, love, and attention. Happy birthday little boy!

58. Dearest son, you’re really a shining example of all that’s excellent on the planet. May your future be as smart as you, lovely bday!

59. Expressions are simply not enough to say how lucky I am to have you in my entire life. Finest birthday! Tomorrow will maintain a guarantee of sweeter moments. Dearest son, may your birthday be sweetened with all the joy and wonder you’ve brought to everybody’s life, lovely birthday!

60. Should I look at all of the things which have occurred in my own life, you my son would be the best aspect of it. Through thick and thin, you’ve been a wonderful son and an excellent person for us too. Happy bday to you loved ones!