Happy Birthday Quotes For Teenage Girl

Happy Birthday Quotes For Teenage Girl

I can never take you for granted, dear teenager, for you have proven that you are more than what we see. Enjoy your birthday and everything that comes your way, crazy kid.

Congratulations! The metamorphosis is complete and you’re now a teenager. This is the day you’ve been waiting for and we are happy to celebrate it with you.

Happy Birthday beautiful teen, remember to make every moment count in the path of you becoming great and you will see that you have no limit in attaining immense greatness. Have fun.

To the newest member of the teenager’s club, it is an age to grow in every aspect, keep growing and enjoy every bit of your youthful age. Have lots of fun.

Happy Birthday youngster. We have plenty of memories of us as teens and we know that you are going to have your own. We look forward to you creating your own life. Enjoy!

You cannot compare the millions of memories in this world that you cherish, wishing you awesome Birthday

You are the only joy that fills my heart; I love you so much and hope that your future is as bright as your smile, to many more.

Happy Birthday kiddo. Well, you’re not so much a kid anymore but there are plenty of years ahead for you! Enjoy!

You’ve turned into a teen. Congratulations on being wonderful in the phases you’ve been through. Have a wonderful 13th birthday! May life give you excitement to live and explore.

Happy birthday to the newest member of the teenager’s club. It is an age to grow in every aspect; keep growing and enjoy each day.

Right from childhood to this age, you’ve been our pride and joy. May you always be an inspiration to others. Have a blessed and happy day.

Never forget to risk everything to be better and to live a better life, you are no more a kid at this age, you are responsible for yourself. Have a nice day!

    The teenage years are probably the best time in a person’s life. All the fun you get to have is priceless. I wish all your dreams come true because  an amazing teen like you deserves the best.

It’s your birthday but I’m the one who received a gift, and it’s you, enjoy your Birthday teen!

There isn’t a thing I wouldn’t do for you, you are amazing in more ways than one and I hope to always be here to see you as you grow to be the amazing person you are, for now, enjoy your teenhood.

Oh Yes! This is it! Here comes our sweet girl arriving at the teenage juncture of life, may every second be enjoyable for you as you clock this age.

This new phase is the beginning of a life filled with wonderful achievements and adventure. Enjoy this day in grand style. Happy birthday!

Cherish the time as a teen because being an adult entails more responsibilities. Gather a lot of sweet memories. Happiest birthday!

As you age older our love for you grows more, never forget to always be the good child that you have always been. Enjoy your special day.

We wish you the best years in the future. We know that now is a time for brand new experiences and we want you to have an incredible time. Have a magical day!

As you reach your teen, you’ll meet several people. Some will be in your life for a short time, while others could become your friends forever. Find those you can celebrate your birthdays with for life.

At this age, your desire to grow and become somebody in life must outshine your fear, never lose focus and you’ll achieve endlessly.

As you go down the teenage path of life, remember these are the best years. Spend them wisely and enjoy yourself to the fullest. Happy birthday!

May God’s guidance, love, and blessing be with you throughout life as you mark your 14th year of existence on this planet. Happy birthday!

Teenage is an amazing phase of life where you can enjoy some wonderful moments. Cherish all of them, and do not forget that this is also the time to lay the stepping stones for your future. Happy birthday!

Congratulations dear. You ought to be treated like royalty because it’s your birthday. You can live without laws and party like you’re thirty years old today too.

 Every teenager wants freedom as soon as they clock this age, but freedom is dangerous if the definition is not right. Enjoy your special day, and desire true freedom. Have a fantastic birthday!

Seven years of being a teenager means, you get to learn experience and finally mature, you are like a caterpillar now and one day you will morph into a beautiful butterfly.

Congratulations for taking this beautiful step from being a kid to a teenager. May your wisdom increase as you enter your new age. Keep up the energy and enjoy. Happy birthday!

The teenage years are a time that will never let you down. You have to just fully embrace the craziness that is this period if you are going to make the best of it.

You need to know this is your day. The world is yours to conquer, and we are wishing you an unforgettable birthday. Happy birthday!

The teenage years are probably one of the best times in a person’s life. All the fun you get to have is priceless! I truly hope that all your wishes in life come true because this is the only thing that an amazing teen like you deserves! Happy birthday!

The cute teenager in this world deserves world’s cute wishes from all, have a wonderful birthday today.

    The teenage years are the most complicated but wonderful times in a person’s life. May you soar high amidst the difficult things you encounter along the way. Have a great birthday!

 Happy birthday to you, beautiful teenager. You are an awesome kid, and I love you so much. I hope you enjoy this day.

You will become someone incredible as long as you keep putting your work in. We want the best for you and we can see you become great.

It’s your birthday, beautiful teenager. You make me smile in each and every way, and I hope you enjoy this special day. I love you.

You are no longer a child, yet you are also not an adult. You will experience the taste of both worlds. Make the best out of this sweet and short phase while it lasts. Happy birthday!

The most important lesson of life at this age is to never live a wasteful life, because a wasted life is a wasted destiny. Live a good life at this age.

We officially welcome you to your teenage years. You only get seven. We advise you use them wisely. Happiest birthday!

The most important thing for a teenager is a vision. A teenager with a sight but no vision is as good as blind. Get a vision and get going. Have a cute day daughter.

Never ever forget to be light unto others when their fire is low, it’ll define the kind of person you are.

To the only teenager who rocks my world, you are amazing, I love you and I cannot think of a place I would rather be but here on your birthday watching you blow out those candles.

Teen years lead to adult meals. This birthday is one of a growing young man.

    Happiest birthday to my dearest friend; you’re a teen now. May you have the guidance of the Lord as you journey through this exciting phase of your life. Live life to the fullest but know your limits.

    Finally, you are a teenager! May every blessed day of your life as a teenager be filled with more happiness than your beautiful heart can contain. Happy 13th birthday!

Wishing you a happy birthday! May this day be blessed forever. Hey, we can see you pretending to read the birthday card right after the money’s fallen out.

Many teenagers know the right things, but only a few of them do them; I know where you belong. May God guide you as you do right. Happy Birthday!

    You’re only 13 once. Make the most out of it. Don’t waste it but do the things you want to do and achieve. Happy birthday!

There are absolutely many ways to greatness in life, but I can assure you that living a good teenage life is one of them, don’t take this age with levity.

Happy Birthday Dear Daughter! Now that you are old enough to understand irony I would like to sincerely thank-you for growing out of that “Mommy knows everything!” stage.

You are not a child anymore but not yet mature enough to be considered an adult. How strange?  Well, welcome to your teen years. It’s the one time in life this is okay. Happy birthday!

Life is simply fair, if you did not allow youthful laziness to get into you, and if you allow the humble spirit to guide you.

    Being a teenager will bring you many new adventures. Learn to make the right choices while you’re having fun. This is going to be an amazing time in your life. Have the coolest birthday.

Happy Birthday Dear Friend! I hope you appreciate this homemade card. I used the last of my ink to write it. Be sure to brag about that fact to our teacher tomorrow. I didn’t finish my homework.

    You’re the best in class and at home. You’re just an obedient child, charming person, and trusted friend. You deserve a marvelous birthday party.

I remember when pink used to be your favorite color. No returning, retiring or re-gifting. Happy Birthday dear niece!

Adolescence – the best time to collect awesome memories. Enjoy your teen life while it lasts. I wish you a happy birthday.

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