Happy Birthday Mike

May God almighty bless you having a lifetime filled with pleasure and happiness. And can you always find favor in his eyes.

May every measure you Take direct you to true joy. May you be surrounded by people who love you and desire your wellbeing. Stay lucky and enjoy this particular day belonging to you personally.

Happy birthday! On This day of your arrival, may the fantastic Lord shroud you in His amazing blessings. May you achieve all of the dreams and dreams which you’ve set for yourself in this lifetime. Possessing an extremely delightful birthday.

Time goes by swiftly. You have become such a significant girl/boy! On your birthday, may God give you all of the needs of your heart and keep you concealed from the eyes of bad. Have a birthday, my beloved.

Happy birthday! May you be blessed with a lifetime filled with nothing but peace and happiness. May you not be lonely in this lifetime.

May showers of

May all of the programs Of your enemies from you move down the drain, and can they are put to shame, for you’re a lucky one. Wishing you a birthday that’s extraordinarily joyous.

Celebrate this Very unique evening of yours with all the understanding that the almighty God is directing and seeing you as you travel through life. Have an excellent birthday filled with memories you will cherish all of your life.

May good luck Accompany you all your lifetime, my beloved. A lucky and splendid birthday for you.


Happy Birthday. I hope that God blesses you with the Happiness within this universe. May you flourish and glow anywhere you go.

The Same as your Shadow, will happiness and decent health check you where you go.

As you observe This afternoon, dear sister, I always beg for complete pleasure and sunshine on your life. May your fate never match shadow. Happy birthday.

May God control His angels to guard you wherever you go in life’s journey. Happy birthday.

Happy birthday, my husband. May your

May you be lucky

Day of your life as amazing as gold as possible. May the Almighty go to include more years of enjoyment and decent health to your life. Happy birthday.

Happy birthday!

Happy birthday, lovely sister! I truly adore and love you.

Dear sister sees her special day now, I beg you to bless her with the great things of life.

Dear sister, can you get abundant blessings on your own life This afternoon, tomorrow and most of the times before you. Wish you a fantastic birthday!

You get abundant blessings on your life daily, tomorrow and most of the times before you. Wish you a fantastic birthday.

It’s my prayer The Omnipotent God gives you divine wisdom and strength to overcome every obstacle that will come your way. Happy birthday, my beloved!

With this wonderful Evening of yours, it’s my heartfelt prayer that the Lord give you all of the desires of your heart. Happy birthday, my husband!

My husband, Can your life be full of pleasure beginning from this moment until the end of the time. Happy birthday.

May the bud that You tread constantly be green, and can the skies above you consistently stay clear and blue. Happy birthday.

Rife with happiness and opportunities. May God never cease blessing and maintaining you. Happy birthday.

As you observe This particular day that can be your birthday, it’s my humble prayer that the fantastic Lord give you divine courage and strength to successfully sail through all of the trials of the life.

It’s my prayer Which you’d be blessed with joy, love, care and fortune as you celebrate your birthday. Enjoy a great party, brother.

Special evening of yours that we’ve been waiting for has finally arrived. Therefore we hope that God give you long life combined with great health and boundless joy. Happy birthday!

Nobody has ever Had a terrific influence in my own life as you’ve done. I hope that you stay blessed for the rest of your life. Happy birthday!

Happy birthday, brother! It’s my prayer that the Lord puts in your path opportunities which will lead one to achieve great success in your lifetime.

Blessings for the Own Birthday

Commemorate the afternoon You brought me in to this gorgeous world, I wish to thank You for all of the great things You have placed in my own life, and I wish to ask for Your guidance and security all the times of my entire life.

Within my particular day, Dear God, please always keep me happy and safe on Your powerful and enjoying hands.

Humbly hope that you bless my brand new era and direct me all the days of my entire life. Thank you.

Since I celebrate my Birthday this day, dear God, I hope that you keep on moving ahead of leveling and me all of the hills in my way. May the faith I have in You develop stronger and more powerful with each new day which You create.

Blessing me with a fresh era. I’m hundred percent convinced and understand that so much as You sit on the throne, it will be well with my spirit all the times of my entire life.

Me reasons to grin as I celebrate my birthday now. May all of the needs of my heart materialize throughout my life, and can authentic joy always live within my soul and heart.

Like I celebrate This fantastic day of joy, love and joy, it’s my prayer that the merciful Lord give me outstanding peace, fantastic health and joy all the days of my entire life.

With this amazing I need to get a fantastic birthday party now.

Dear Heavenly Father, as I like this special afternoon of mine, I hope that You grant me my own financial breakthrough in the days beforehand to allow me fulfill all of my financial needs.

Dear Lord, now Lord, please allow me to flourish and provide me pleasure beyond measure.

Like I like my Birthday these days, it’s my humble prayers that the Lord will prefer me to allow me achieve success beyond my wildest imagination.