Happy Birthday Message to Father in Law : Happy Birthday, Dad. Thanks for passing on the beautiful good looks to your favorite child.

Happy Birthday dear Father In-law. I wish that you be bestowed with all the love, peace and happiness in the world. I also wish to spend more long years with you.

Amazing, is it not, to be able to be with someone for so long? Best birthday and enjoy today.

Happy Birthday Message to Father in Law
Happy Birthday Message to Father in Law

Happy Birthday Message to Father in Law

  • Happy Birthday dear father-in-law! Wishing you many wonderful moments filled with joy and love on your special day.
  • Birthday Greetings To an extraordinary person – my Father-in-Law. Thanks for your constant guidance and direction. Wishing you a very loving and warm Birthday.
  • You are a father beyond relationships; you are a father beyond any expectations. Happy Birthday.
  • Happy Birthday from your favorite Son/Daughter-in-law. I hope your day is as unique as you are.
  • Dad in law, many things have changed over the years, but you’re still the same awesome person you always have been.
  • May this year bring you lots of gifts, happy moments and good memories. Happy birthday, father-in-law!
  • Enjoy the party and forget about the countless candles on your cake! Happy birthday.
  • Happy Birthday father in law, may this day be filled with cheer and good times, ones that will make you nostalgic over some time.
  • A toast to my best friend and special soul who has always been there for me throughout life’s ups and downs. Happy birthday, dear father-in-law.
  • Today would be the best moment to thank you for letting me have your loving daughter as my wife who makes my life even more bright and colorful each day. Happy Birthday, Daddy-in-law!

father in law birthday msg

  • You’ve always been treating me like your son, and I feel so grateful for that. Happy birthday, dear dad-in-law.
  • Dad in law, many things have changed over the years, but you’re still the same awesome person you always have been. Wish you a very Happy Birthday.
  • Warmest thoughts and best wishes I want to send you today. Let’s take a blissful cheer for this is your day. Happy B’day.
  • May your Birthday be filled with the warm sunshine of love and the bright rainbow colours of laughter.
  • Your birthday is the best day to change our relationship a little. I am changing your role in my life from the complicated state of duty to the friendly and straightforward state of Dad.
  • Dearest father-in-law, thank you for being a wonderful friend, father, advisor, and mentor to your daughter/son and me over the years. We celebrate you today. Happy birthday.
  • This being your first birthday as my father-in-law, I’d like to say that it’s been a pleasure to have you as a father figure and hope we can have more great times together.
  • Thanks for being an awesome Father-in-law. May God bless you with good health, joy, love, and good fortune.
  • Every candle on your cake is another year I’ve been lucky to know you! Happy Birthday to you, my Father in Law. Many Happy Returns of the day.
  • God blessed me with the father in law He knew I needed. Thanks for being so kind and generous.
  • May God deliver you from the evil hands of your enemies and make your house overflow with treasures of joy and peace. Happy birthday, my beloved father-in-law.
  • If people saw how well we get along, they never would have imagined us being daughter and father-in-law! You’re like a real dad to me.

birthday msg to father in law

  • If God were to ask me to choose between you and a billion dollars, I would choose you in a heartbeat. And this is coming from someone who loves chasing paper more than anything in this world. Happy birthday!
  • We’ve always wanted the best for our daughter and guess what? You are the best. Happy Birthday to an amazing father-in-law.
  • I always argue with your son and grandkids on who loves you the most. But we know the truth is I love you the most since you’re my best friend and a terrific father-in-law.
  • Wonderful Birthday to the most amazing Father-in-law I’ve ever known in the world! Today, make every moment count as you celebrate your day and everything you have accomplished during the past few years with great joy and pride.
  • You’ve given me the greatest gift of my life, my wife/husband. And for that, I’d be forever grateful. Happy birthday.
  • Happy birthday, dear father-in-law! It means the world that you love me like your daughter!
  • I am the luckiest guy in the whole world; you did such a wonderful job, raising a caring, responsible, and kind daughter. My best wishes to you on your special day, father-in-law!
  • When I first met you, we drank together as friends. When I meet you now, nothing has changed and we’re still the same. You’re the best.
  • Dear father-in-law, you are such a loving person that I really feel stupid to think of you a stubborn man by your first impression. Have a great day, Enjoy! Happy Birthday!
  • Before getting married I was worried about whether or not I’d fit in. But after marrying, I realized I just came back home. Have a wonderful Happy B’day and thank you for making me feel at home.
  • You don’t treat me like your son-in-law, you treat me like your own son. I feel lucky to have two fathers in my life. You are my dad number two. Wish you a delightful birthday, dear father-in-law!
  • With every birthday celebration, I feel so blessed to have you as my father-in-law. You are an extraordinary person. Happy birthday!

happy birthday msg for father in law

  • Dear father-in-law, I wish you all the best things in life on your special day. Happy birthday!
  • Your presence in my life has created a great impact on me. You have been an inspiration in my life and more like a father to me. On your birthday, I send you warm wishes and gifts. Happy Birthday to my father-in-law!
  • To find a friend is your father-in-law is rare, and I feel lucky to found that. Wish you a birthday full of delicious food and wonderful surprises!
  • On this special day in your life, I want you to know you are more like a father to me. Happy Birthday, to the greatest father-in-law!
  • I really appreciate you having as a father in law in my life. I am thankful for all the things you have done in all the years for me. Wish you the happiest and craziest birthday, ever!
  • Dad thank you for teaching me how to be a dignified person and well human being. May your special day bring you a basket of beautiful and cherish moments.
  • Your presence in my life is like having another father figure in life. You are truly a great inspiration for a lot of people. On your special day, sending you warm wishes and gifts, Enjoy! Happy Birthday, dear father-in-law!
  • Dear father-in-law, wish you a healthy, happy, joyous, fantastic, and super wonderful birthday. You have done a lot for me. Now it’s my turn to do for you.
  • I’ve got no worries with my married life. It’s because I married one of the most remarkable people in the world who’s just like you. 
  • I feel the luckiest man after married to your daughter. And when gradually our relationship grows as father and son, I feel glad to be part of this family. Thank you for taking me in. Thank you for everything, dear dad/father-in-law. Happy Birthday!


You are a big supporter and a great mentor to me, among all in-laws. Happy Birthday to the world’s sweet father-in-law.

Relax. Enjoy. Celebrate. A perfect day is par for the course for a special father-in-law like you. Happy Birthday!

To the greatest father-in-law, I want you to know you are loved and you always bring a lot of blessings and joy to those around you. Be blessed! Happy birthday to you!

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