100+ Happy Birthday Meme ! Happy Birthday Funny Wishes

happy birthday meme

Funny Happy Birthday

22. You ought to be proud of your age: this season you’re wiser, brighter and nearer to mature reductions in museums.

23. Scientific studies have revealed that individuals who observe more birthdays dwell more… Best wishes!

24. I wanted to compose a poem for the birthday but sadly, I did not locate any word that rhymes with” old debris”… therefore I wish you a happy birthday only!

25. I’d love to wish you all your fantasies come true, but I fear that should they come true, You do not have another year.

26. This is an entire absurdity… you’re special daily! 

27. Happy birthday! You get a great life, a superb look, and iron wellbeing. How can a simple gift  compete with all of this?

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