100+ Happy Birthday Meme ! Happy Birthday Funny Wishes

happy birthday meme

Happy Birthday Funny

10. I won’t offer you my best wishes for not remembering that you’re old, bald and filled with wrinkles… but I will provide you an extremely powerful hug in order to not cause you to overlook the exceptional person you’re!

11. Even though it’s clear to age, but it’s optional to rise. Happy birthday!

12. Happy Birthday. You have arrived at the metallic age: gold teeth, silver hair and direct on your own feet. What more do you really need?!

13. I educate you about this day that you don’t need to be scared of getting older. Fortunately, you can color your grey hair.

14. You still don’t have the symptoms of old age! Happy birthday!

15. Perhaps you have turned on all of the candles on the cake?

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