80 Ways To Say Happy Birthday Grandma ! Lots Of Birthday Wishes For Grandmother Quotes

31. Finally, it’s your birthday granny! So be ready to party. Cover up all those wrinkles, wear your dancing shoes, and be ready to get into the groove! Happy birthday!

32. To the woman who happens to be the mother of my mom, happy birthday! May you be very happy this day because you truly deserve all the happiness on Earth! Happy birthday Grany!

33. Happiest birthday to the woman who has made such a huge impact in my life – my grandmother! All the success that I have now is because of her. Thank you grandmother!

34. Grandma, I hope that this special day is one of the best birthdays in your life. I have prepared a grand celebration for you because turning 60 is one of life’s greatest achievements. Happy birthday!

35. Grandmother, your love and affection have prevented any sorrow and sadness to get into me. I’m truly grateful that I have you as my grandmother. I just could not imagine what my life is without you. Happy birthday!

36. Grandma, although it is my schoolteachers that have taught me lessons about the world, it is you who taught me the most invaluable lessons in life. Thank you so much for your guidance. I promise to treasure all the things you have taught me. Happy birthday Grany!

37. To my grandmother, happy birthday! You’re certainly the most amazing woman I know. I wish I could be like you someday. On your birthday, I only wish for you to have a healthier and longer life. I love you so much!

38. It is twelve a.m. I stayed up late, so I’d be the first person to wish you a Happy Birthday celebration to show how much I care. I hope I am the first.

39. You look younger than your new age; I am always glad whenever I boast of my grandmother’s beauty to my friends. Age in plenty and good health.

40. I don’t know if we have enough space to place candles on the birthday cake. I’m just kidding grandma. I love you. Happy birthday.

Happy Birthday Grandmother Wishes

41. So many times I woke and was scared that I’d not find you here. I can only thank heavens you’ve made it this far. I love you granny and I wish you a happy birthday.

42. Happy birthday grandma. You are like the modern superwoman. You cook, clean, and do it all with a smile on your face. I love you.

43. Happy birthday to my beautiful granny who is also very kind and lovely. I may not get to tell you this often but please know that I truly love you and I promise to take care of you no matter how old you get!

44. Grandma, you’ve got the most gorgeous eyes in the world. Your character says what about your life span. Your large heart is the most valuable thing I’ve ever seen in my life.

45. You are more than just a grandmother for me personally. You’re a source of inspiration, a real model to follow. 

46. We’re really fortunate to have you as our grandmother, friend and version to follow. May all of your dreams and wishes come true on this special day!

47. Dear grandma, you’re an significant part my life. I hope that your birthday is filled with pleasure and love. Happy birthday and thank you for all of the terrific memories! Happy Birthday Grandma

48. Of all of the folks I know, you are certainly the most amazing. And not because you’re my grandmother but also since you’re a great lady, a mentor, or a caregiver, a buddy… in summary, you’re really unique!

49. May daily bring you joy and wonder! May your birthday be an extremely special moment. I want you all of the love and affection you have earned!

50. Dearest grandma, I send you a big hug to the birthday! Here you go, and that I expect you’ll be in great shape and healthy for several years to come. Happy birthday!

51. You are the best grandmother in the world! I am very happy for a grandmother like you! I wish you a happy birthday and several different days filled with joy!

52. Grandma, will your birthday exceed all of your expectations, and deliver you happy moments with all of the people that you care about all. Happy birthday!

53. I am so proud you are my grandmother. Your life is filled with illustrations of love and kindness. I will provide you my warmest Happy Birthday wishes with this special day! You’re the best grandmother in the world!

54. Thanks for being this incredibly loving and affectionate grandmother with me personally. 

55. Your wrinkles tell a narrative of how amazing your life has been and how it’s still fantastic.

56. We are lucky because we’ve got a grandmother like you. Your simple presence is really a breath of fresh air.

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57. I am your huge admirer, grandmother. In summary: you’re excellent. I wish you a happy and joyous birthday!

58. Despite all of the mistakes we make, you love us unconditionally. We’re so blessed to have you as a grandmother. Happy birthday.

59. I won’t ever forget all of the good words and encouragement you gave me when I was a youngster, at the olden days and at the failures. Thank you a lot for what you did for me personally and for our loved ones. Happy birthday!

60. It doesn’t matter if it is your 60th, 80th or even 100th birthday, you are amazing as always, Granny. Happy birthday into a gorgeous woman!