Happy Birthday Dad From Daughter Funny : Ageing backward should be considered as a crime. Don’t worry; no one will find out about this crime of yours as long as I have access to your wallet. Happy birthday papa!

Hey, dad! You taught me to grill a perfect steak, and that’s what I’m doing this weekend for you. Looking forward to seeing you on your big birthday!

Love is a powerful force and your love for me has always made me feel safe and happy. Happy Birthday. You can also read this “Heart Touching Birthday Wishes For Dad From Daughter” article.

Happy Birthday Dad From Daughter Funny
Happy Birthday Dad From Daughter Funny

Happy Birthday Dad From Daughter Funny

  • Thanks for all those times you didn’t tell mom. Just know you’ve got a lot of favors you can call in.
  • Don’t worry, Dad! You’re not going bald; you’re just becoming more aerodynamic. May this coming year bring you all the love, laughter, and happiness you can imagine. Happiest of birthdays to you.
  • Dad, it’s your birthday and our thanksgiving day. Thank God for all the delicious food, and thank you, dad for bringing them to our table.
  • Hey, daddy cool, you taught me to grill a perfect steak, and that is what I am going to do the weekend for you. Looking forward to seeing you at your big party birthday!
  • Start buying the toupee, Dad, that from now on you’ll need it, congratulations on your day. Hahaha, happy birthday, Dad, dear.
  • I’ve been thinking since yesterday on what to write in a funny birthday message for you . . . but I couldn’t think anything funny. Happy birthday!
  • Happy birthday, dad! It’s the best time to party, so loosen up your tie and let loose as much as you can at your age.
  • Happy birthday dad, I hope this year will be full of adventure and fun.
  • I don’t believe that all old person becomes weaker or have wrinkles on their face as I can see you fit and strong. Happy birthday, old father!
  • Daddy, happy birthday! I hope today is a day full of relaxation and love. You deserve it. Eventually, you are a real catch.
  • Ever notice that the worse a dad’s jokes are, the better father he is? That explains why your jokes are sooooo bad! Hope your birthday is more than a few groans.

happy birthday dad funny

  • Dad on your birthday, I wish all your teeth remain at its place for this whole year. HBD.
  • Wear your gray hairs proudly, Dad. They are memories of how terrible I was as a child, and you earned them! Happy Birthday.
  • Don’t worry dad, you’re not going bald, you’re just becoming more aerodynamic! Happy Birthday!
  • Happy birthday dad. Don’t count the candles, don’t count your teeth. Don’t count your gray hairs, too; just grab a beer and chill.
  • To me, you are a superhero who can do the impossible but just can’t figure out who stole the money from his wallet. You are just too cute! Happy birthday, father!
  • Happy Birthday to the greatest dad. You may be getting old but you’re still the coolest dad.
  • I remember all the sage advice you’ve given me throughout the years. Like the fact that we can pick our friends and we can pick our nose. But we can’t pick our dad or his nose. Happy birthday, dad, never change!
  • I can’t understand why people say that we look alike. How can an older man look the same as his young son? By the way, happy birthday dad! And let me tell you that I was joking!
  • Congratulations on becoming a year older and a bit wrinklier. Have a fantastic birthday, old guy!
  • I wanted to send you a funny birthday message to make you laugh, but then I realized you are already too happy to have a son like me. Happy birthday!

funny birthday wishes for dad

  • Happy Birthday to the raddest, most tubular, least square, ummm hippest… Hey Dad, are any of these from your generation? Happy Birthday Dad. Great fathers are timeless!
  • Happy birthday to my wonderful father. May your golf swing improve, your steaks always be perfectly cooked, and your chair always be comfy!
  • Happy Birthday dad, it is a fact that too many birthdays kills, so you should not be too happy for today. We don’t want to lose you yet.
  • For your birthday, I vow to continue not telling you about all of the terrible things I did when I was a teenager. You’re welcome. Hope you have a great birthday!
  • Who said a dog is man’s best friend. You’re mine Dad. Happy Birthday.
  • Another year . . . you know what that means: another ache on your body! Just kidding. Happy birthday, Dad.
  • I’m really glad I got your genes, dad. You are as great as you ever were and probably getting better! I’m looking forward to aging as well as you!
  • Many-many happy returns of the day Dad, today is the big day for you. You will get everything to eat.
  • Wish I could be there to hang out with you on your birthday. But, on the bright side, you finally get some peace and quiet! Miss you and love you, Dad.
  • Dear dad, thank you for always being there for us without getting in the way of the decisions we make in life. May you have many more birthdays to come, happy birthday daddy!

funny dad birthday quotes

  • You know what they say: Real heroes don’t wear capes, they make bad puns. Thank you for being a real hero, Dad. Happy Birthday!
  • My dearest Dad, I know today is your birthday, but it’s not a real holiday so I’m not too excited about it. Just kidding. Happy birthday on this very important day to a very important man!
  • Even though we’re all supposed to have the same genes, you still look great, Dad. Happy birthday to one good-looking man!
  • All of my characteristics of awesomeness and genius clearly came from you, Dad, including my ability to be humble. Hope you have a great birthday!
  • You are growing old and I’m very happy, please bring some maturity as well. HBD
  • Hey Dad, You may have your own idea of fun, but it’s your day, so spend it however you want. Happy Birthday!
  • Dear dad, mom would be so angry if I told her half of my friends to have a crush on you. You look so young and handsome even at this age. Happy birthday!
  • Your heart is made of diamonds and I hope they glitter on your forever dad.
  • You are one of the wisest people I know as it is said that wisdom comes with age. Happy birthday, dad! Enjoy this beautiful age with other wise people like you!
  • I am impressed that even though the number of candles on your cake increased, your sense of humor didn’t lose its touch. Happy birthday.
  • Hey dad, so you’re a little older. It’s okay, I still love you! Happy birthday!

happy birthday dad funny quotes

  • When we’re bad, you love us. When we’re good, you love us. No matter what we do, you love us. We’re so thankful to have a Dad who loves us unconditionally. Happy birthday, Dad!
  • The sad thing is, now you’ve entered the age, where many foods are forbidden for your health but we all can have. LOL! Happy birthday, my superhero!
  • Just FYI, my gift to you would be the hell lot of candles I had to buy to match your age. Apart from that, wish you a very happy and prosperous birthday, daddy.
  • Congratulations dad for completing half century of life! Do not dance all night otherwise you could feel pain in your body. Don’t worry too much, it happens at this age. LOL!
  • Happy birthday dad! And no! I am not the only one responsible for all your grey hair, just admit it already that you are getting old! I love you anyway, dad!
  • It takes an amazing dad to raise such a ridiculously great kid. Happy Birthday Dad, I couldn’t have grown up to be so humble without you!
  • Yoda best dad ever! Happy Birthday!
  • Not all heroes wear capes. Some of them just make bad jokes. Thank you for being my hero, Dad. Happy birthday!
  • Dear Dad, I hope your birthday is all fun and smiles, but don’t forget to put your teeth in.
  • Happy birthday to my biggest protector. Thank you for fighting all the monsters hiding under my bed and in my closet, and for making me feel safe and loved. I love you, Dad!

funny birthday wishes for father

  • I pray that you grow so old that we will be the one to help you blow your birthday candle, thank you for being a fantastic father to an annoying daughter as myself.
  • Hey dad, many happy returns of the day. Let us party till your bedtime to the fullest! May we rock the floor groovier than last year.
  • Happy Birthday to the man that gave me half my genes. Thanks for making the inspired person I am today, Dad!
  • Here’s to you on your birthday, Dad, and every gray hair on your head. After all, I helped to contribute to those. Happy birthday!
  • Wishing you a very healthy, incredibly happy and entirely peaceful birthday, Dad!
  • You are not 50, you are only 18 with 32 years of experience. Happy birthday, my evergreen father! Have an enjoyable day!
  • Dad. You said all you wanted for your birthday was to spend time together, so I’ve included a list of things that need to be fixed at my house. I’ll hold the flashlight.
  • I appreciate all the tough love you’ve given me over the years, Dad. I’m still recovering from the trauma.
  • They say you’re as old as you feel, how old do you feel today papa? Have a fantastic birthday old man, I love you.
  • I learned a lot from your dad. And yet I have never been arrested. Happy birthday!

funny birthday wishes for papa

  • Happy Birthday Dad! You surely gave us some amazing genes but not the ones that allow you to age backward. We are disappointed!
  • You know, Dad. The pot belly and the bold head has really grown on you. Happy Birthday, daddy!
  • Good thing they have those big number candles. Now I don’t have to spend the whole day filling the cake with tons and tons of candles. More time I can spend with my wonderful father!
  • Dad, I think it may be time to ditch your lighter. You need to have a flamethrower for lighting so many candles. Happy birthday, old man!
  • I will always respect you, even when I become taller than you. Happy birthday!
  •  Dad, you’ve always been the coolest. Like all those times you said “yes” when mom said “no.” Happy Birthday, Cool Dad!
  • Happy birthday daddy, we all love you so much and we wish you all the happiness and craziness in the world. Wish you along healthy life dad!
  • Mom just informed me that, though you are getting old, you are not becoming wiser at all. You’re welcome for revealing this secret to you. Just kidding. Happy birthday to one of the wisest men I know!
  • I’ve been thinking since yesterday on what to write in a funny birthday message for you . . . but I couldn’t think anything funny. Happy birthday!
  • Happy Birthday. Dear Dad, you are the brightest star on the sky that guides our life. We love you, dad!

funny birthday greetings for dad

  • Finally, the big day has arrived after a long 12 months later. Happy birthday, dad! I hope your next birthday will not take too much time to arrive. Have a great birthday!
  • Dearest Dad, I wish you a happy birthday full of happiness always. Dad, I want to give you a precious gift provided you also arrange a return gift for me that too something of my choice.
  • Happy birthday to the adorable dad who will loosen his pockets and tighten his hugs for me just with a small tug.
  • Happy Birthday Dad! Thank you, all the lessons you have taught.
  • Happy birthday to the most important man in my life! Don’t believe anyone who says that you look evergreen because they just want to make fun of you.

birthday message to dad funny

  • Anyone noticed before that the worse a dad’s jokes are, the better father they are? So now we got why your dad jokes are awful. Anyway, Happy Birthday, dad!
  • You know what they say: Real heroes don’t wear capes, they make bad puns. Thank you for being a real hero, Dad. Happy Birthday!
  • Lovely dad, wishing you a happy birthday filled with love. It’s the time of the year when I look forward to reminding you of your age and how soon have I have grown up.
  • Hope your birthday is more than a few groans.
  • Let’s have a look at our funny collection and send your father to make him a little laugh
  • Wishing you a wonderful bday, dad! Get ready to go crazy and party all night, or at least until your bedtime.
  • We wanted to get you a cake with a candle for every year, but the fire department said it would be a fire hazard. Oh well, happy birthday anyway!


Dad, you are just like a busy student. You’ve got a lot of class. Happy birthday!

Thanks for fulfilling all my wishes, my Genie! Happy birthday! Ps: Why does it feel like you’re out of shape nowadays? Mr. Genie buckle up your game, dropping a couple of pounds ain’t gonna be easy at this age!

You’ve entered into a new age, at least now grow up dad! if you think I’m lying, ask mom. Btw, I was joking. Wish you a very wonderful birthday!


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