Happy Belated Birthday Sister in Law : We have many relatives but relationship with sister-in-law is very special. Laughter jokes always go on with sister in law. Sister in law always supports us and her Birthday should be very special for you. But if you have forgotten to wish her, then there is no need to worry, we have shared many Happy Belated Birthday Sister in Law quotes on this post, you can bring happiness on your Sister’s face by sending one of these best wishes.

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Happy Belated Birthday Sister in Law
Happy Belated Birthday Sister in Law
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Happy Belated Birthday Sister in Law

  • Twenty-four hours are not enough to celebrate your birthday, my dear sis! Celebrations should last longer. So, here I am playing a part in the long-lasting celebration by wishing you a late birthday. Happy belated birthday, sister in law!
  •  Happy birthday to the most precious sister in law in my life- You’ll always remain close to my heart because you’ve taught me all that I’d ever want to learn. You are smart, confident and one of the most elegant persons I know. I wish your life be filled with sunshine, joy, and happiness always. You deserve all the best things life can offer you.
  • I am so sorry I didn’t get a chance to wish you a happy birthday in person and that text is a bit too short to express my feelings! This message is belated but I wanted to wish you a happy birthday in some way!
  • May God bless you with joy and happiness and bless me with better memory. So sorry that I forget your birthday dear sister in law. Please forgive me. Happy belated birthday.
  • Remember when we were young, and you would send me on errands and I would return late? I’m sorry, but I just had to remind you of those days with my belated birthday wishes, big sister in law.
  • I am so sorry I forget UR’s birthday. The good news is that I also forgot your age.
  • Lovely sister in law, I hope you had a great time at your birthday party? I am sorry I couldn’t be part of it. Belated happy birthday, dear.
  • I am very sorry that I forgot about your special day. I lost track of time but I am really grateful that you have celebrated this special day.
  • It’s the biggest crime to miss your birthday. But I hope you will understand my inability to be at your birthday party. I am sorry for being late dear. Sending all the good wishes, love, and blessings for the most wonderful sister in law in the world, happy birthday to you.
  • I can’t believe I missed your birthday, this has never happened. I wish you a happy belated birthday sister in law.
  • I forgot to send you my best wishes on your birthday last year. Gotta keep the tradition alive. Belated happy birthday, sister in law
  • Happy birthday, sister in law! I hope your wishes don’t get fulfilled late as I got late in wishing you.
  • No excuse is good enough for missing your birthday! I am very sorry. A very (late) happy birthday to you my lovely sister in law!
  • Sorry I am late. I spent a lot of time deciding whether to send you a handwritten letter, email, voice message, Facebook message, tweet, SMS, or video message. I could not decide on a time. So here’s one of each—belated happy birthday!
  • Happy birthday to my dear sister in law, I am a little late, sorry for that. I hope you enjoyed your entire day and had so much fun. You are the most gorgeous sister in law I ever have, all good wishes and blessings for you, dear.
  • So sorry for the small delay, I do hope you had an awesome day!
  • I’m so sorry that I have been late on wishing you a happy birthday, but I want to tell you that you are the most loving woman I have ever seen in my life, happy birthday to you, dear sister in law.
  • I know it’s not your birthday today. It was just a few hours ago I missed it you cannot be mad at me, right oh come on we are siblings, Have a beautiful year. Happy belated birthday, sister in law!
  • I’ll make you a cake I promise. But first, accept my apology. Belated happy birthday sister in law.
  •  Belated birthday greetings to the best sister in law – (insert name of the sister in law here) The person who has always been there for me, through thick and thin. THANK YOU my darling, my dearest, and most loving sister in law. To you, I dedicate this song! I love you so much and wish you the very best in life and a belated happy birthday! Take care!
  • Dear sister in law, I’m sorry for not wishing you at the right time. I hope the gift that I am sending will ease my punishment and will make you happy, happy birthday to you.
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Happy Belated Birthday Wishes For Sister in Law

  1. May God bless you with good health and happiness on this special day. I am thankful to have a sister in law like you who always knows what to say in a crunch. And now, as we drift farther apart, I realize how important you still are! Best wishes for your belated birthday!
  2. Isn’t that weird that I missed your birthday? I am so sorry and now I am feeling really down. I shouldn’t have missed that birthday, happy birthday to you, dear sister in law.
  3. Sister in law, your absence may leave a gap in my life, but I know that the memories we shared will help me get over it. May you live long to keep on reminiscing all the good times that we spent together. I’m still proud to call you my sister in law, and I’m glad to see how you’ve grown into a woman with a great personality.
  4. I am so thankful and happy to have you as my sister in law. Hope you had a wonderful birthday. Happy belated birthday sis.
  5. I am sending a late and hopefully awaited wishes to make your celebrations can’t longer and better.
  6. You have turned a year older, a year to be thankful to the Lord. Though I was not able to attend your birthday I want you to know I was with you in prayers. Happy belated birthday sis!
  7. Happy belated birthday to the best sister in law from the imperfect brother/sister in law in the world. Can I still get a hug, please? Hope you enjoyed your special day a lot.
  8. I should be flogged for missing your birthday, sis. The flogging can come later. For now, may all the world’s most important riches be yours? Happy belated birthday, sister in law!
  9. Dear sister in law, I hope you had a wonderful birthday with your friends and everyone. I am so sorry for being late and not participating in your birthday party, happy birthday to you. Please accept my apology and a little gift.
  10. I have never wished for another sister in law in my life. You are the best, and may God’s blessings shower on you. Happy belated birthday to you, sister in law, and best wishes always!
  11. The birthday wishes with no doubt are delayed and late, but I swear they are honestly prepared. I pray for a bright future of yours.
  12. Thank you for continually being the best sister in law I could ever ask for, even when I make mistakes! You are always in my heart, and may your birthday joy extend even ‘til this day! Happy belated birthday, sister in law!
  13. I hope you will forgive me for sending the last birthday wish. This year, I pray that God will grant all the wishes and answer all your prayers. Belated Happy birthday!
  14. Happy belated birthday to the most amazing sister in law who has always be by my side. Your words and inspirational words always keep me strong.
  15. I know you expected me to be with you last night but I didn’t make it. I forgot this special day but the most important thing is that you are always in my mind. Have a nice time!
  16. Doesn’t it feel awesome to get wished by people even after your birthday? I hope you had a perfect day. Stay happy and blessed.
  17. On your birthday, I am recalling all the good memories and incidents that we shared together. You are the best friend of mine, not only a sister in law. I know I am a bit late on sending a birthday wish, I want an apology for that, I love you, sister in law.
  18. I bet no one except me came to wish you a belated happy birthday. Don’t thank me; that’s what brothers are for.
  19. I’m wishing late and I am very sorry about that, happy birthday to you, dear.


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