Happy 84th Birthday For Dad

Happy 84th Birthday For Dad

I just want you to know how much I care for you, Pa, happiest bday to you for today, enjoy it.

Happy Birthday, Dad! Love you so much, wish I was there to celebrate with you. Have a great day.

Happy Birthday to the first man I ever loved. You are truly missed every day. HARRY birthday!

Happy Birthday to the man, the myth, the legend, the love of my life and my for better or worst. Did I tell you that you are an awesome man? I love you from here to the moon!!!

Want to wish my best friend and a great father. Happy birthday, dad. Me and you forever babe. Love you.

Yesterday would have been my father’s 60th birthday & he would have been celebrating his anniversary. Happy birthday, Dad.

Today would have been my Dad’s birthday. Happy Birthday Dad love and miss you.

 Couldn’t let this day get started without a “HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAD”. We think about you and miss you every single day. Hope you are getting a huge piece of chocolate cake.

Happy Birthday, Dad! I love you and miss you so much! 8 years have passed but we all think of you and continue to share stories of Dad.

 Had a wonderful day, the turn out was fantastic Happy Birthday Dad, Grandpa, great-grandpa we all love you 80 and looking good.

Happy Birthday to My Daddy. May The Good Lord Keep on Blessing U with Good Health, Strength, a Long and Happy Life. Hope you have a Fabulous Day! Love U Daddy.

Happy Birthday Dad still can’t believe you’re gone it’s been 3 years we miss you so much we love you I know Freddy is serving shots for you.Happy Birthday.

Made this video for you. May bloom Happy Birthday Dad! I love you!

Happy Birthday, Dad, we love you lots. Sorry tried to 2post this yesterday but my phone was acting crazy so it’s a day late.

Happy birthday, dad Michael! Be ready to party when you get off of work! It’s bar-hopping time!!

Today would’ve been father’s 74th birthday. Here’s to one of the best dads ever made. Still thinking of and remembering the big guy. Happy Birthday, Dad. Love your favorite son.

Happy Birthday, DAD. I know things have been tough lately but your outstanding no matter what the challenges are!!

Happy birthday to the most amazing father in the world! I love you! Wishing you lots of love, happiness, health, and success! I will always be your little angel!

We took dad and mom out for dad’s 80thbirthday, and their 1st lobster dinner. Had a really nice time. Happy Birthday, Dad!

 It’s our husband, father, grandfather, brother, uncle, cousin, friend birthday, happy birthday dad we love you lots.

Happy Birthday, Dad. Can’t believe you would’ve been 50 today. I love and miss you every single day.

 Happy birthday Dad, love you!!!!!!! Miss you, Shawn Miss you too!!! Passed away this Day!!

Happy Birthday, Dad. I miss you so much I know you’d be so proud of the man I am today and I know you’re looking down on my family. I wish you could have met him.

Tomorrow is my father’s birthday he is so handsome happy birthday dad. We all miss you lots,  you will always be and all of our hearts from the oldest to the youngest love you.

Happy birthday dad. today it is your day. my prince, I wish you all the happiness of the world is between father and son

 Happy Birthday, Dad, we love you. Sorry, don’t go on FB that much anymore.

A very Happy Birthday to a very special man in my life. Happy Birthday, Dad wish you the very best and wish you many more years of a happy and healthy life.

My Dad would have turned 75 today. Happy birthday, Dad! Miss you with all my heart.

Do you know what day? It’s my father’s birthday! Happy Birthday, Dad!! We love you and hope you have an amazing day!!

Happy birthday, Dad! I’m glad you like Mexican food as much as the rest of us! 70 is looking good for you.

Happy birthday, dad. Wishing you the best…much more to come! Hope you have a good day!

did not get the memo it was daddy’s birthday! He just fell asleep, and now daddy wants to spend all day sleeping. We will see how that turns out!!!

Just Wanna Say Happy Birthday To My King. My Daddy. I Don’t Say It As Much As I Should But I Love You, Daddy. Been A Daddies Girl From Day One.

To my loving daddy, Happy Birthday. You are a wonderful father and we are so blessed.

Happy Birthday, Dad. hope you have a good day! Love you so much thanks for all the good advice and texts miss yew! turn up hehe!

Happy birthday to my Daddy’s. I love you so much. You go above and beyond for us every day, you inspire us by how hardworking you are!

Happy Birthday, Dad. Thank you for your life. I appreciate it even when you try to kick my ass. I love you I love you I love you.

Happy Birthday, Dad! 73 looks great on you. We thank God for your good health. Love you lots mister!

Happy Birthday, Dad!!! Dinner with my parents for Dad’s Birthday!!!

Happy 60th Birthday to my daddy. The man that I know will never fail me. May The Lord bless him with many more years. I love him so much and will always be his baby.

Because everyone used this picture today! Happy Birthday, dad! You’re our everything!!

Happy birthday, dad! We all love you and your passion for your family and food! Hope you have a great day!

Happy Birthday, Dad! We love you so much. I hope you have a great day you deserve it. I’m a lucky girl to have a Dad like you…..all my love.

Today is my dad’s birthday and well he wrote this song and I sang it this weekend to his birthday bash/surprise party. So here’s a blurry clip that my cousin sent me. Happy birthday, Daddy.

Happy birthday, dad hope you have a good day love you so much.

Happy Birthday, Dad/Poppy! Thank you for all you do for ALL of us! Hope your day is as special as you! We love you.

Don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened. Happy Birthday, Dad. You’re still 11 feet tall to me

Today would’ve been my Dad’s 65th Birthday… Happy Birthday, Dad!!! Hope you enjoy these!!! I Miss you every day but I know you’re always with me. I will keep looking for the signs! Happy Birthday, Dad!!!

Happy birthday, Dad. He always said everyone celebrated his birthday. Always a comedian. RIH

Happy Birthday to my King, my first and real daddy once again! Love you!

Happy Birthday, Dad – Even though you’re in Italy we still Love You.

Wanted to wish the most hardworking man I know, a Happy Birthday!!! Here we all are at the same age he was in his image. Happy Birthday, Dad!!!

Always positive and full of laughs I’m glad to call you my dad. Sharing another birthday with you is a blessing. Happy 40th Birthday Dad. Always love you

Happy Birthday, Dad!!!! Hope you have an amazing day! Love you lots.

Happy Birthday, Dad! Hope you’re still able to enjoy your day. Love You Lots!

Happy Birthday, dad we miss you every day! Love you lots.

Happy birthday, Dad! As I grow older, I’m trying to be more like you. I hope you are watching.

Shout out to the best Dad in the world! He’s turning 50 today! Happy birthday, Dad! He is one of the best people I know. I love you, Daddy.

Happy birthday, Dad. I love you very much. Glad to mom and aunt were able to have lunch and celebrate our day. Happy birthday.

Happy Birthday, Dad! This guy turns 40 today!!! Love you Dad!

Big huge shout out to the one and the only special guy my dad. Love you to the moon and back. Happy birthday, dad.

Today is my dad’s birthday he would have been 65 years old happy Birthday Dad love you.

Happy Birthday, Dad. sorry again for not being there to celebrate this day with you hope u have a rocking day and a year ahead

appy birthday, Dad! 50 going on 15 is the only way to celebrate. Have a good day.

Happy Birthday, Dad! I hope you had an a-rocking’ time at the concert tonight!! Love you always.

Happy Birthday, Dad Miss you so much Wish you were here with us.


Happy Birthday, Dad!! You now 65. Love you.

Every child’s dream is to have a kind and understanding Father. I am very lucky to have you. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, DAD. Love you lots.

Happy 70th Birthday dad!! Got lost driving to my show tonight. I needed you, GPS was a little off. Maybe come say hi tonight.

Happy Birthday, Dad! We have our own private suite for the game!

 Happy birthday, dad!! Celebrating you all day starting at your favorite breakfast spot. I love you.

Happy birthday, dad. We love you so much. Best dad ever! And thanks mom for dinner!!

My handsome boy and my pops. Love these guys with all my heart! Happy Birthday, Dad! So blessed to have u in my life!! The greatest man I know.

Happy birthday, dad, wish I was with you to celebrate but our globe-trotting is yet to cross paths. Hope you and mum get a party night tonight. Love you dad, thanks for everything.

Happy Birthday, Dad! Forever missing you..taken way too young from us!

Happy Birthday, dad. Wish we were celebrating together. Miss you always.

Pretty much the greatest surprise birthday of all time. Happy 60th birthday dad!

Happy Birthday my dear father.  You have an amazing year ahead of you! We love you.

Happy Birthday, Dad! Hope you have a good day in the beyond where I know they celebrate everything.

Happy birthday to my dad who is 65 today! Excited to take him and my mom to Disneyland next month!

If I could travel back in time and give my younger self some advice. It’d be something so simple but hold so much meaning…

Hanging out with my main man my dad it’s his first time. Happy Birthday, Dad.

Happy Birthday, Dad! sang “Happy Birthday ” today. We miss and love you! Here is your favorite birthday cake:

Happy birthday, Dad!! Time to enjoy mom’s yummy food!!

Happy birthday, dad!! We were so lucky to be able to spend the afternoon with you! Love you big time!!

Happy birthday, dad! Let’s keep the celebration going today. May God bless you always.

Happy birthday dear dad… Wishing you long life and prosperity to eat the fruits of your labor in Jesus’ name!!

Happy Birthday, Dad. I Miss You I Know you are Watching Us From Above.

Happy birthday, Dad. I’m glad you met my mom in this play. I’m even gladder you didn’t catch the acting bug.

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