Funny Birthday Wishes For Nephew : We went over to the mall to get a cake for your birthday but you saw a fancy bicycle and nearly cried down the mall to have it. Later, when you demanded your cake, your mum pointed to the fancy bicycle saying, you can eat that. Happy birthday, dear nephew.

I was usually the reluctant counselor when the young girlfriend had issues but now no more, because you can take care of things yourself. Happy birthday to my amazing, grown-up nephew!

Grandma had just arrived with a bowl of your favourite chicken stew. When asked why you refused to eat it, you said you just realized it wasn’t that tasty. Happy birthday, nephew.

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Funny Birthday Wishes For Nephew
Funny Birthday Wishes For Nephew

Funny Birthday Wishes For Nephew

  • Happy birthday to my nephew who was found on the road and picked up by my sister.
  • Clear the roads! He’s old enough to drive! Happy birthday, nephew, and just give me a call when you’re ready to get your license.
  • Today, have a blast – for a change. Happy birthday from your phenomenal uncle/aunt!
  • Happy Birthday. Hey nephew, wishing you a birthday that scores high on the excitement meter this year!
  • The best thing about you is your stupidity as it amuses me a lot and helps me get rid of my depression. Happy birthday and thanks for being stupid.

happy birthday nephew funny

  • Your mum had just heaved you into my arms, only to feel hot liquid trickling down my laps the next moment. When I jerked up in surprise you started wailing so innocently. Happy birthday, my cute nephew.
  • I must have done something very bad that I have got such an annoying nephew. Happy birthday!
  • The first time you lost your lunch box, you cried all the way home saying the food chose to be eaten by someone else. Happy birthday, my lovely nephew.
  • My greatest desire is to see you in the outfit you were born in :)) on your birthday. Haha! Enjoy your day to the fullest.
  • Happy birthday to the laziest of my nephews! Hope growing age makes you less lazy.

funny birthday wishes for nephew from aunt

  • In life, if one thing increases others should decrease to compensate, the same is the matter with your age and intelligence. Happy birthday!
  • You might be one of those unfortunate people who don’t grow wise with age. Happy birthday, sweetheart!
  • Happy Birthday To My Fantastic Nephew! This is your special day, it’s all about you!
  • I think I’m going to get you one of those funny-looking creatures you said you wanted instead of a cake on your birthday. I hope it tastes like cake. Happy birthday, my nephew.
  • One particular thanksgiving, I came visiting. As I was about leaving, you said you wanted to follow me but, immediately I ignited the car, you rushed out screaming that you can’t leave your mum. Happy birthday, nephew.

birthday wishes for nephew funny

  • May the blessings in your life be as numerous as Taylor Swift’s exes. Have a perfect birthday!
  • You loved your toys so much that you slept, bathed, and even ate carrying them, so much so, I wondered if that was ever going to change, thank God it did. Happy birthday, dear nephew.
  • I didn’t buy any gift for you because no gift can be as sweet as you. Happy birthday, nephew!
  • I am sure you know the rule of proportionality. Guess what! Your stupidity is growing proportionally with your age. Happy birthday, dear!
  • Do not miss any opportunity to smile as soon you will lose your beautiful teeth. Happy celebrations, nephew!

happy birthday nephew funny from aunt

  • Today, it will rain lots of ice cream, chocolate chip cookies, and peanut butter jelly sandwiches solely for your sweet tooth. Enjoy your day, darling.
  • You woke up one morning shouting around the house. When asked why you said, why not? It was your birthday. It is another birthday, hope you always stay happy. Happy birthday, my dear nephew.
  • On your special day, your aunt wants to wish you a happy birthday. Wait; were you expecting a gift? No way, you have already surpassed the gift-receiving age.
  • Don’t be afraid of thinking of yourself as a teenage boy, your aunt is with you. Happy birthday!

birthday greetings for nephew funny

  • Happy birthday to my nephew who is sweeter than sugar and spicier than Mexican chili.
  • I still remember how you kicked off my hands the day I wanted to carry you, even though I understood you only wanted to be nursed. Happy birthday, nephew.
  • How your small cake can carry so many candles all by itself is nothing short of a miracle.
  • One time you were sent to get eggs for breakfast, you came back carrying a handful of your favourite snack. I cracked us all up that day. Happy birthday, nephew.
  • Another birthday has come but you are still not adult enough to make your own decisions. So, wait for it, my nephew!

funny birthday quotes for nephew

  • Don’t admire the birthday wishes you are getting as now you are not as beautiful as you were last year. Have a happy birthday!
  • Don’t be afraid of getting old! Look at your aunt who still looks younger than you. Enjoy every moment of life. Happy birthday dear nephew!
  • You know I am not a poet, but don’t worry your uncle has prepared one poem and will recite it on your birthday. Happy birthday, dear!
  • Congratulations! Finally, your milk teeth are replaced fully. Now, wait for the wisdom tooth to come. Happy birthday dear nephew!
  • Happy Birthday. To my fun nephew, hoping you have plans to do something extraordinary for your birthday!

happy birthday to my nephew funny

  • May problems run away from you like bad guys run away from Chuck Norris! Have a great birthday and a fantastic day! 
  • I have shared so many fond moments with you but you know why? You’re one hell of a stalker. Happy birthday, nephew.
  • Whenever I am around you, I feel like staying there forever because you’re one hell of a comedian. Happy birthday, nephew.
  • Nephew, because you are amazing, I don’t mind drinking all the waters of the seas just to put a smile on your face.
  • It’s always a good thing to support wildlife, and that is why on your special day we shall have a super wild party!
  • Nephew, you’re a smart, kind, generous, hard-working and good-looking young man. You clearly take after your aunt/uncle. Have a great day!


Happy Birthday. Hello nephew, just sending a message your way to wish you a really great day!

The first time I dropped you with your coach, you ran all the way home saying you were sorry for being stubborn, and that you didn’t want to belong to another person. Happy birthday, nephew.

You can forget anything at all in this world but certainly not your food. Happy birthday, my foodie nephew.

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