Birthday Wishes For Aged Mother : Except mother’s love, there is no love in this world that is very strong, forever selfless, pure and devoted. Mother fills the light by removing the darkness in your life. She is the only one who never calls her children bad and always favors them.

Check out our collection of birthday wishes for aged mother if you want to spread a message of love and care to a close family member.

Birthday Wishes For Mom Turning 70

  • To my mom on your 70th birthday: May your day be filled with all of the love you have given over the years.
  • As special and important the stars and the moon are, so also are you a special mum to me. Today, as you mark your 70th birthday on Earth, I wish you a fabulous birthday full of gifts, joy, blessings!
  • You are such a terrific mother, who has spent her entire life bringing joy and happiness to everyone around her. You absolutely deserve every blessing of the Lord. Congratulations on turning 70 years today!
  • With love to you, Mom, on your 70th birthday. May you be abundantly blessed, in every way, As I have been to be raised by you, I pray.
  • A mother is our very first friend in life. Happy 70th birthday to the woman who always soothed our fevers, cheered at our games, and taught us how to be better people.
  • To the world’s greatest mom on your 70th birthday. Thank you for always picking up the phone and knowing just what to say. I love you today and always.
  • Happy 70th birthday to the greatest mother in the world. Thank you for teaching me what love means.
  • Happy birthday to my mom so kind and caring, Who read me stories when I was young, And soothed me with songs so sweetly sung. May your 70th bring all that you’re desiring.
  • Beloved Mother, as you commemorate this milestone celebration of your life, it is my solemn wish that God will reward you with many exciting, healthy, and peaceful years ahead. Happy Big Day!
  • Happy birthday! At 70, you’re still a regular fountain of youth. May your cup always runneth over!
  • Happy 70th birthday to the most wonderful mom around! I love you so much. May your day be filled with laughter and warmth.

Birthday Wishes For Mom Turning 80

She is the first and most beloved teacher of our lives. She teaches us true philosophy of life and how to behave. As soon as our life starts in this world, she loves us and pays attention to us. She gives birth to us through suffering and suffering, but in return she always gives us love.

Do you need a lovely birthday wishes for your 80th mom, HBW have the best varieties to make sure you can express your feeling to your mother for a wonderful birthday.

  • Hey mother, you are the most beautiful and elegant 80 year old woman I have ever seen. Have a memorable birthday celebration!
  • Mom, may God bless you so abundantly on your 80th birthday today so that happiness will always have many reasons to live in your loving heart. Happy birthday.
  • 80 looks absolutely gorgeous on you! Hope your special day is as incredibly gorgeous as you are.
  • Wisdom doesn’t come with age. It comes with the quality of life experiences you have. And, you are the wisest mom I know. Happy 80th birthday to you!

80th Birthday Wishes For Mom From Daughter

  • Happy 80th Birthday to a lady who could probably still run me down and spank my butt if she had a mind to.
  • They say that you’re only as old as you feel. Well, at least you’re only turning 80! Happy Birthday & may it be a great one!
  • At 80 years old, I am sure that you don’t want to waste a lot of time reading a long message in your card, so I will keep this one short. You inspire me!
  • Only God knows how many more birthdays you are going to witness. It’s better to celebrate your 80th birthday like there is no tomorrow. Happy 80th birthday my cute mom!

80th Birthday Wishes For Mom From Son

  • I’m so elated to celebrate your 80th birthday with you, Mom, and I hope I’m also fortunate enough to spend all the days of my life in the pleasantness of your company. Happy birthday.
  • My entire life revolves around you. I don’t know what I am going to do when you leave me one day. A very cheerful birthday to my 80 year old beautiful mother!
  • Age is barely a concern as long as you have curiosity in mind and love in the heart. Wishing a happy 80th birthday to the best mom in the world.
  • You are the most active 80-year-old I know. I can only hope to be as active and productive when I turn 80. I wish you many more fruitful years.

Birthday Message For Mother Turning 60

Touching 60th Birthday Message For Mother : There is nothing precious from the mother which is like a blessing through God, so we should be thankful to God. She is the embodiment of true love, upbringing and sacrifice. She is the one who gives birth to us and transforms the house into a sweet house.

Need a best ways to say happy birthday 60th mother. We have a plentiful of the best messages you can possibly think of to make your mom’s birthday a memorable one.

  • Mom, what have you done for the family for so many years has made you a person for whom no admiration is insufficient. All the best from your children on your birthday!
  • Those aren’t grey hairs you see Mom, they’re strands of birthday glitter growing out of your head. Have a fabulous 60th birthday!
  • Warmest wishes for a very happy 60th birthday! Congratulations!
  • Silver hairs give you a divine look. You are a deity to us. Enjoy your 60s, mom! We love you. Happy birthday!
  • Dearest mom, wishing you a superb 60th birthday celebration. Cheers to your spirit of life and living every moment of life to the fullest.
  • Thank you very much, Mom, for all the years you have given to me. I wouldn’t be who I am today without your help, support, and guidance. Welcome to the 60s, Mom. I love you!
  • If things get better with age, then you’re approaching magnificent! Congratulations on your 60th Birthday.
  • 60 is just a number, and that is why I’m 100% confident that you still have what it takes to achieve all the most cherished desires of your heart.
  • Wishing you an awesome 60th birthday filled with beautiful surprises. May the good Lord bless your day and make you the happiest mother on Earth. Happy birthday, Mom.
  • I really can’t believe you’re sixty, you’ve got more energy than any person I know! Happy birthday super mom, and here’s to many more years of health and happiness!
  • You are amazing, mom! Even at 60, your level of energy is so great! Happy birthday to the most wonderful woman known to me!
  • Have yourself an immensely great 60th birthday, Mom! On this historic day of your life, may you enjoy the gift of true happiness in bucket loads.
  • Sweet mom, wishing you lots and lots of love and happiness on your 60th birthday and always. I hope you enjoy the special day to the fullest and make the most of it.
  • You’ve got more than half a century of accumulated knowledge and wisdom! That would be awesome… if you could remember any of it.
  • Happy 60th birthday to the greatest mother in the world. Mom, in my heart, you’ll always remain important and valued. God bless you, Mom.

60th Birthday Prayer For Mom

  • Mum, as you celebrate your birthday, I pray that God will bless you with all your good heart desires. May your heart be merry and I wish you all that you wish yourself. Happy 60th Birthday, mum.
  • You are amazing, mom! Even at 60, your level of energy is so great! Happy birthday to the most wonderful woman known to me!
  • Mother, you have been a great source of inspiration to me all my life, and I don’t know what I would have done without you. It is my prayer that the Lord bless you with happiness that never ends. Happy birthday!
  • I want to tell the whole world of how great a mother you are to me. May the light of God shine on you everywhere you find yourself. Happy birthday to my darling mom.
  • Happy birthday, mother. I pray that God grant you good health, strength and riches beyond your wildest imaginations.
  • Mom, on your anniversary, I pray that God will designate special guardian angels to guide and guard you all the days of your amazing life.
  • For your birthday, may the good Lord bless you with a life full of gratitude and boundless happiness. Happy Birthday, my lovely mum.
  • You have made the world a better place for us for 60 long and wonderful years. Here’s to 60 more. Enjoy the day, mama. Happy birthday!
  • Mom, the woman you were last year will be jealous of the woman you will be this year. Increase in all sides. Happy birthday.
  • This is your special day, my dearest Mother. My prayer for you today is that God never stop showering His divine blessings in your life. Have a beautiful birthday celebration.
  • Happy birthday to the sweetest mother on earth. May you enjoy the goodness of the Lord on your special day and on all the days of your beautiful life.
  • I count myself lucky to have a special friend and mother in one person. Let God’s angel begin to guide and watch your steps. Happy birthday, momma from your son.
  • Happy birthday to the strongest woman I have ever known. Mom, you are more than a conqueror. May God grant you victory in every battle you face in your life.
  • May the good Lord lift you up where others have fallen. May you be increased where others have been decreased. May you succeed where others have failed. Happy birthday Mother.

Poem For Mom On Her 60th Birthday

60th Birthday Poem For Mom : She always leads us in the right direction in life and most importantly, she spreads happiness in our life. She makes us mental, physical, social and intellectual human beings from a small and incapable child. Today is a very special day for the mother. We know that is why you have come to this post. On this post, we have shared the special 60th birthday poem for mom. You read it and send it to mom.

Mom, putting up with us kids all of these years
could not have ever been an easy task,
that is, unless you compare it to putting up with dad!
Happy 60th Birthday, and many more to come!

Dear Mother I love you and want you to know,
I think of you often wherever I go.
You lift me up; you’re like walking sunshine;
I am lucky to have a great mother like mine.

“thank you mum”, for all you give,
“thank you mum”, for all your time,
“thank you mum”, for all your kindness,
“thank you mum”, for all your love that is endless.

You’re such a lovely mother
And so nice a grandma, too.
It’s a joy sending you best wishes
On your 60th Birthday, just for you.
May Your Day be Filled with Love

There’s no one else in the world like you Mom,
Each year, you have always found more ways,
To be sweeter and kinder than the previous year!
Have a Very Happy 60th Birthday, Mom

It’s your birthday, Mom.
So I will raise a cheer.
Without you, my special, loving mom,
I would not be here.

Moms are just like birthday gifts,
they come in all shapes and sizes.
Some are full of unusual surprises,
while others are totally predictable.
But, very few are perfect packages,
the way that mothers like you are!
Happy 60th Birthday to My Impeccable Mom

Mom, your birthday means a lot
Especially to me;
You’re smart and strong and all that’s good;
It’s true, indubitably!

Happy Birthday Messages For Mom Turning 50

Happy Birthday Messages For Mom Turning 50 : Another name for true love is mother who can only be a mother. From that time when we come in her womb, born and comes to this world and stays with him throughout his life. She gives us love and upbringing.

Today your mother is 50 years old and you are looking for happy 50th birthday message for mom. On this post, we have shared a few good wishes that are perfect for your mother. We hope you like.

  • I can’t believe you are 50 years. You are an incredibly beautiful and awesome mom and I wish you all the beautiful things in the world. Happy birthday.
  • Let your hair down and enjoy your 50th. Whoops, let down whatever hair you have left! Congrats on the big day!
  • Happy 50th birthday, mom! Today, you have attained a great milestone in your life. I wish you all the beautiful things in the world today, tomorrow, and beyond. May God continue to grant you a happy and healthy life!
  • You’re finally 50, a half century old. Play it up. Bask in your awesomeness, your achievements, your beauty, your uniqueness. It’s your moment in the sun. Happy 50th birthday!
  • I always remember how I cry for silly things, and you make me smile instantly. You still make me smile, Mom. And I want you to have a wide grin on your 50th birthday party.
  • Mom, you are an irreplaceable person in my life. No one can do what you do. I wish you long life and happiness in your life, sweet mom. Happy 50th birthday.
  • A half-century is an amazing milestone. You deserve all things beautiful in your life. Congratulations!
  • We would like to thank you for all the supports you have shown to each and everyone of us. May God grant you good health and strength to continue your wonderful work in our lives! Happy 50th birthday to the most valuable and amazing mom in the world!
  • 50 years is a long way. You have given most of the years of your life to nourish us. Now is the time to live for yourself. Happy 50, Mommy!
  • Congratulations on your 50th birthday. Wishing you many happy returns for the coming years ahead.
  • Bravo on turning 50! May today and the years ahead be filled with the very happiest of memories and gifts. Happy 50th birthday!
  • Happy Birthday! The world is a better place for having had you in it for the last 50 years, so here’s wishing you many happy returns.
  • At 50, you have learned what is important in life. I know you value your faith, family, and friends most of all. You are the best. Happy 50th!
  • Mom, You still look fabulous in those skinny jeans. We all envy how well you’re wearing those 50 years! Happy 50th birthday!
  • Congratulations on your 50 years on the planet. You’ve accomplished so much, and the best is yet to come!
  • At fifty you might not be able to make a fresh new start, but that doesn’t stop you from feeling young at heart. Happy birthday mom.
  • You have always been excited on our birthdays, but never are on your own birthday. This time, on the occasion of your 50th birthday, we call for a grand celebration for all your efforts. Happy birthday, Mama.

50th Birthday Wishes For Mom From Daughter

  • You are getting prettier and smarter every year. What a dynamite combination. Best birthday wishes to you, gorgeous mom!
  • After living half a century gaining experience in life, you now have another half of a century to relax, inspire and succeed in all that you do. Today is very special, happy birthday mom, I love you!
  • My mother is turning younger every day. I see you as someone who is redefining youth. Happy birthday, my prettiest Mom.
  • You may be 50 years of age but you’re still younger at heart than many people younger in calendar years. May you stay forever young the next 50 years. Happy birthday mom!
  • You are the sun, and I am the flower. Thank you for raising me gently and beautifully. Happy 50, Mommy!

Poem For Mother On Her 50th Birthday

Moms are special, moms are kind,
And their love is elsewhere tough to find.
Mom, on your birthday, I send you a gift,
Wrapped with my love and a few tears adrift.
Gentle birthday wishes for a lovelier you,
From your child who loves you the most too…

See, Mom doesn’t like her birthdays;
She says they make her old,
But she’s as sharp as she ever was,
If the truth be told.

You are a mother who is very dear
With a heart full of love and so sincere
With special wishes on the way
Just for you on your special day
You are so thoughtful kind and sharing
Always warm and oh so caring

Mom, my thank yous to you
Should be said every day
For the happiness you impart
And your loving caring way

Warm as noon-day sunshine
restful as the night –
A mother’s love makes all the world
more beautiful and bright.

You were the doctor when we were ill,
Giving us a bandage, a hug or a pill?
You were the teacher when we had schoolwork to do
You gave us love and patience, too

My Mother has a Pure heart
That’s made of gold
I love my mother very much
In my book she will never be old.

A mother like you is very, very rare,
Thanks for so much affection and care.
You gave me a superb childhood,
I am so grateful to you and more I should.
Mom what you given me I can never repay,
Wishing for you a great, grand birthday.

90th Birthday Quotes for Mom

90th Birthday Quotes for Mom : No mother ever reduces her love and upbringing for her child and always loves her every child equally. But in their old age, all of us children together are unable to give even a little love to her. Despite this, she never misunderstands us and always forgives like a little child.

Today is your mom 90th years old and you finding 90th birthday quotes for mom. Below we shared some beautiful quotes of 90th birthday, it’s perfect for your 90th mother’s birthday.

  • Mom, May your 90th birthday be fun-filled and blessed with new loving memories to add to those of past birthdays.
  • You are the best mom in the world. If I had a chance to choose a new mother, I would choose you again! Happy and warm birthday!
  • I’m sure much has changed during your life, but one thing I know is constant- your love for your family. We love you dearly! Happy 90th Birthday, Mom.
  • Mother, on your 90th birthday I want you to know how much I love you. Hoping that your day is as wonderful and bright as you!
  • May the heavens grant me a long life just as you, it’s amazing that a person beat the odds and lives long enough to the age of 90 years without going down. Have a beautiful day mom.
  • On your 90th birthday, only you know best that love, peace and health is that what comes from a life well lived. Happy birthday and may you continue to be an inspiration to us all.
  • You are such an important part of my life. I thank God every day that I’m your daughter. Happy 90th Birthday, Mom.
  • My sweet mum, I wish you to be always happy and healthy as today! Happy birthday my beloved old woman!
  • To the person who has taught me all of the most valuable things in life that can’t be bought. Happy 90th birthday mom! May you enjoy this special to to all that are most dearest to you.
  • To someone who has taught me how to live and love. Happy 90th birthday mom! May you enjoy each and every moment on this monumental day.
  • Mom, You inspired everyone in the family to be a better person, thanks for that mom, enjoy today.
  • Words can’t express the love of a mother for her Children. With a warm heart, we wish you a happy 90th Birthday with much love.
  • You inspire people to really enjoy life to the fullest! You have done such phenomenal things. You light up many of our lives with your happiness and excitement! Happy 90th birthday!

Birthday Wishes For Mother Turning 90

Birthday Wishes For Mother Turning 90 : A mother is first, best and important in anyone’s life because no one can be as true and real as her. She is the only one who is always with us in our good and bad times.

If you searching birthday wishes for mother turning 90, then you are right place. We provides the lovely ways to say happy 90th birthday mom. Birthday is very special for everyone but mom’s 90th birthday is really important because it comes with happiness and joy.

  • Mom, Congratulations on your 90th birthday! You are truly an inspiration, and I feel so blessed to have you in my life.
  • I hope I’m as wonderful as you are when I turn 90…even just half as wonderful would be great.
  • On your 90th birthday, may you only know the joy, peace and health that comes with a life well lived.
  • Happy 90th Birthday, mom! I’m so happy to share your special day and hope you to know how much you mean to me!
  • Mom, Happy 90th Birthday! I hope your birthday is as bright as your smile, as sweet as your love, as fun as your spirit, and as wonderful as you are. Thanks so much for always being there for me.
  • I hope your 90th birthday is full of sunshine and rainbows, love and laughter. Mom, you deserve the best day ever!
  • Happy 90th birthday! Today is your 90th special day! Let’s make it 90 times more special than your first.
  • Happy 90th birthday! You have more than 90 amazing years of life to celebrate — you have all the amazing life in your 90 years.
  • I’m so lucky to have someone as special as you in my life. On your 90th birthday, I hope that you are blessed with love, health and happiness.
  • Happy 90th birthday! This is the perfect occasion to celebrate you and your life. You are more than our role model — you’re our super woman.
  • On your 90th birthday, I hope that you enjoy all the beauty and love that surrounds love. Thank you for being such a special part of my life.
  • Congratulations on reaching this amazing milestone! Happy 90th birthday mom!
  • Just like classic cars and wine, some things get better with age. Here’s to another year of good health and great times. Happy 90th birthday mom, and I’ll see you at your 100th!
  • Mom, Now that you’re 90, you should know that there are so many people who absolutely adore you! You are truly fantastic! Happy 90th birthday!
  • May your day be one where you can look back with joy on all the years of sweet memories and know that you are loved. There are some things in this life that we should cherish. You are one of them. Happy 90th birthday mom.

Birthday Message for 90 Year Old Mother

Birthday Message for 90 Year Old Mother : In every person’s life, the mother is the only one who cannot take the place of anyone else in our heart. She is like nature who is always known to give us, without taking anything back from us.

Do you want birthday message for 90th years old mother, then we have just the right ones for you to give your mother’s a colorful 90th birthday.

  • Count your days by smiles, not tears. Count your age by friends, not years. Wishing you a joy-filled 90th birthday!
  • Mom, Words cannot fully describe how much you mean to me. Thanks for always making me smile. I wish you a wonderful 90th birthday!
  • Today is a year anniversary of your eighty ninth bday, I hope you are having tons of fun now.
  • When the time comes when I feel alone, I just need to be beside you and I will be by my home.
  • We have the perfect mother and daughter relationship. You’re my mother, and I’m perfect. Hope your 90th birthday is filed with laughter and love!
  • God has truly blessed our family with you, mom. I hope all your birthday wishes come true!
  • Thank you for being my heart’s first home. I wish you the most amazing 90th birthday ever!
  • To the most incredible woman I know, my mom, I wish you the beautiful skin you always want. Happy 90th birthday mom.
  • Mom, As you are turning 90, I just thought you would want to know a lot of people just adores you.
  • This milestone of your life should be celebrated a lot & just enjoyed, hope you have fun too.
  • Mom, thanks for giving me a lot of laughter in this lifetime may you have many more years.
  • Years ago, you were but a teen like me, now look at you all grown up too happy 90th birthday sweet mom from your daughter!

90th Birthday Poems for Mom

90th Birthday Poems for Mom : Mom always cares for us more than others in her life. She gives us first priority in her life and gives us a glimpse of hope in our bad times. She knows the reason for our every happiness and sorrow and tries to be happy always.

On this special day of your mother, you want to wish your mother with 90th birthday poems. So don’t worry, in this post we have shared a few select birthday poems for mom on her 90th birthday. We hope you like it.

Dear Mother I love you and want you to know,
I think of you often wherever I go.
You lift me up; you’re like walking sunshine;
I am lucky to have a great mother like mine.

Hope your birthday,
is a complete blast.
Don’t think about age,
nor the length of your past.

You’re so special in so many ways
you’re caring and you’re kind –
A Mom who is more wonderful
would be hard to find.

Now that it’s your birthday, Mom
I’d really like to say
Thank you Mom for all you do
In your quiet efficient way

Mother Mother Mother of mine 
I love you to bits mother devine
I am so glad God chose you to be my mum 
Without you my life would be very glum 
So on this special day I want to say 
A very happy wonderful birthday

Moms are special, moms are kind,
And their love is elsewhere tough to find.
Mom, on your birthday, I send you a gift,
Wrapped with my love and a few tears adrift.
Gentle birthday wishes for a lovelier you,
From your child who loves you the most too…

Warm as noon-day sunshine
restful as the night –
A mother’s love makes all the world
more beautiful and bright.
Happy Birthday Mom

My mom is a sweetie
She is beautiful, which is true
I Thank god for you, mom
Where would I be without you?

A mother like you is very, very rare,
Thanks for so much affection and care.
You gave me a superb childhood,
I am so grateful to you and more I should.
Mom what you given me I can never repay,
Wishing for you a great, grand birthday.

May this birthday,
be filled with plenty of cheers.
We’re here to celebrate,
all your beautiful years.

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