Birthday Prayer For a Supportive Boyfriend

Birthday Prayer For a Supportive Boyfriend

May the good Lord from this day work great and awesome things in your life. I wish you a beautiful life. Enjoy your day.

You have all it takes to get a job promotion, may God make the work of your hands to be noticed always.

Prosperity is yours because God’s will for you is prosperity. May you continue to prosper and live a prosperous life. Amen. Happy birthday, prosperous man!

 May the eyes of your understanding be enlightened, and may you walk in the light of the blessings of God. Happy birthday to you.

As you step out today I pray you experience God’s miracle in everything you lay your hands upon. May you see favor in everything you place your hands today. You are blessed My king.

What a wonderful day that the Lord has given us, as you start your day. I pray that He be your guide and protector. Good morning my love.

Everywhere you go, favour will find you, God’s grace will speak for you. You’ll live to celebrate many more years. Amen. Happy birthday.

On your special day, I pray that the Father of all creation will bear you on the wings of eagles so that you can rise above the storms of life. Happy birthday.

On this beautiful day made just for you, my love, it is my prayer that God will assist you find your way to prosperity and everlasting happiness. Happy birthday.

 May God make your enemies be at peace with you. Your enemies will never defeat you. Amen. Have a super-duper birthday.

Blessing of the lord wont depart from your way, the success of the world will be filled in your life and from today you will never know sorrow in your endeavors. May you succeed in your work.

I know you are a hardworking man, I pray to God to make the desires of your heart come true. May He be your protector and guide, May He make your wishes come true. Good morning my love.

It’s my prayer that the Lord guides you along the best path in life. May He always give you the strength and watch over you. Amen

lovely birthday prayer for boyfriend

I celebrate God’s gracious power over your life today. Keep on bouncing in His love, dearie. Happy birthday.

Today, the Lord has secured your future and marked you for outstanding success. May this special celebration yield blessed fruits to your entire world. With love, I wish you a wonderful birthday.

I am so thankful to have you as part of my life. Every morning when I wake up, I give thanks to God. I am blessed to have you. I will continue to ask God to bless you.

 In everything you do, may you be thoughtful to consider God’s goodness in your life. Amen. Happy birthday to you, dear.

Happy birthday, darling. May the anointing of the Holy Spirit prosper the works of your hands. Amen.

Every bad omen in your life will be swept away without a trace. May God open a new door for you and whatever that will give you sadness will never come your way My Jewel.

 I wish the best boyfriend a happy birthday with loads of good fortune. Love you always.

My dearest, I welcome you to another graceful age. May all that surrounds you today cause you happiness and all you receive, open way for you. Happy birthday. Enjoy!

The Lord is your strength. May you get mighty results in all your requests. Amen. Happy birthday, bobo.

May you be blessed with all the spiritual blessings in Christ Jesus and desire the gifts of the spirit according to the word. Amen. Happy birthday, dear.

 May the power of the Lord prevail over contrary situations and circumstances facing you. Amen. Happy birthday.

prayer to my boyfriend on his birthday

May this new stage of your life be absolutely good to you. I pray it will fill your world with all the good fortune of the universe so that true happiness may forever walk with you. Happy birthday.

 Today is your special day. May your life never be ruined and you see reasons to always stay happy. Have a fabulous birthday.

Today, I wish you good luck, strength, and all the courage you need to move on in life. Happy birthday, babe.

I pray for you, you will be great physically, mentally and intellectually. No evil will come your way and may you experience goodness in every area of your life. Amen.

I’m so proud God gave me a guy whose heart is true and words are real. Your character is so emulating. I pray God’s blessing never expire in your life. I love you. Have a sparkling birthday.

As the day start newly, may your life and greatness be fresh. God will open a new success story in your life and whatever you come in contact with will serve as greatness in your life.

 From today, may the words are not ordinary; they are filled with grace and power. Amen. Happy birthday.

May God bless you with the desires of your heart. And may He always place you a thousand steps ahead of your enemies. Happy birthday.

God is faithful to perform all That He has promised you. Declare you confidence in Him ‘cos He’s your sufficiency. Amen. Happy birthday!

You have been exactly all that I prayed for in a boyfriend, and today being your birthday, I will take this opportunity to beseech the Lord for success and joy in all your endeavors.

birthday prayer to an amazing boyfriend

 More favours, more breakthroughs, more achievements and more goodness is what I wish you. Enjoy a beautiful birthday.

Happy birthday to the world’s greatest boyfriend. I wish you a successful life full of happiness and joy. Have a blast.

Whatever war you are fighting at this moment is bound to be settled and won. You have the victory near you. May God bless beyond measure. Amen. My love!

I know you will make it in life, keep on working hard, the door of blessing and success will open soon. I love you, my love.

 I wish that you get all the happiness life has to offer you, today and forever. Happy birthday, Prince Charming.

You have given me joy and happiness, and that’s why I will never cease praying to God to make you a very successful man.

May the light of God shine your path today. May God helps direct your steps into the right places for the achievement of your purpose. Have a great day and enjoy it!

May you be unshifting and walk in the light of God’s plan for you. You’re established forever! Happy birthday.

Baby, my love for you forces me to raise you in prayers. You are divinely hidden and covered under the wings of God. Good morning!

 In the name of Jesus Christ, you have entered into your acceptable year of favour and jubilee. Happy birthday to you, sweetheart.

God will be with you to guide and direct your steps. You reach your God-given goals in Jesus name. Happy birthday.

Whatever you lay your hands upon will yield to success. May the whole world hear your success story. May you be blessed in an over load measure. You will never fail My King.

This is a prayer for my man. I pray for God’s guidance and protection in your life, today and day all the days of your life.

As you open your eyes today to meet the gleam of this day, I pray that they see only positivity and goodness unless and until the end of this new day. Have a beautiful day ahead!

I pray that God will keep you from the plights that come by day and the sinister forces that work by night. Enjoy today to the max.

Darling, on your Big Day, I pray that our heavenly Father bless you with good heath, long life and great prosperity in all spheres of your beautiful life. Happy birthday!

I give glory to God on your behalf for the grace to mark another year. May your story be full of enchanting testimonies and your bowels of praise. Have a lovely birthday, dear.

It’s your special day, be merry and smile to a very long life. The Lord will keep you in His arms and make you a constant overcomer. I celebrate you love. Happy birthday.

Always begin your day with excitement because it is the day that God has made for you to enjoy it thoroughly.

 No amount of prayer is too much to have for a special day. You shall always be a source of joy to yourself and the world at large. Have a beautiful birthday.

Beyond our wildest request & dreams, God has almost everything given us. May Jesus help you face all the challenges in life. Good morning, my love!

happy birthday long prayer to my boyfriend

Happy birthday to the nicest boyfriend I could ever wish for! You have always been there for me and supported me eventhough the worst days. Today, I just want to say a big thank you for being my lover, friend, and a great support system, this birthday will never be enough to express how much you mean to me.

I can never stop thanking the Almighty God for blessing my life with such a wonderful person like you. May the good Lord continue to shower you with happiness, good fortune, prosperity and good health all the days of your life, my dear. Happy birthday!

Lord, I come to you today with a prayer only you can answer. Cause my dear boyfriend to flourish in his job. Bless him beyond his imagination as he celebrates his birthday. This I ask in Jesus’ Name. Amen.

Enjoy this moment to the fullest, sweetheart. May the heavens shower you with lots of love and blessings on this day and throughout the many years that you have in front of you. Wishing you a joyful birthday!

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