95+ Best 21st Birthday Messages ! Wishes, Quotes

21st Birthday Messages ! Wishes, Quotes : It’s time for the 21st birthday of your friend or relative. If you want to give them a beautiful birthday Messages. then you are in the right place. Through this post, we have shared many birthday wishes, which are best for the 21st birthday. You will definitely like all the 21st Birthday Messages. Read all the wishes and choose one of the favorites and send it.

21st Birthday Messages

1. You’re my sister From a another mom. Keep smiling consistently and be full with life. It is a fantastic day of your life and I hope you just get married soon and have lots of kids!

2. Happy birthday, Friend, and congratulations on turning amazing 21 today! May this gorgeous age be the start of many years of happiness and fantastic achievements for you.

3. Everyone focuses on Telling you to drink sensibly once you turn 21, but I wish to warn you of the following threat. Eat sensibly, as your metabolism will soon be slowing down as you become older.

4. I can not think it is your 21st birthday now. No one Can think how old you’ve gotten.

5. Were you aware that tonight wasn’t going to be a very special Night for you personally? Were you aware you will be able to wash away all of your anxiety tonight? Well, it does not matter, since you will. Happy 21st birthday soda.

6. Happy 21st birthday, my beloved nephew, your imagination can Create your future brighter and discard the darkness.

7. Happy 21st birthday wants daughter! I want you more Birthdays to come and with every party, You push yourself to become a much better version of yourself.

8. Now that you’re 21, Now you can legally rent a vehicle, gamble in the casino, and drink whatever you need! However, this time, you are going to need to cover everything you desire!

9. You will get the most epic celebration of your lifetime. It Is the 21st birthday, correct? You will want it.

10. You Are powerful, smart, brave and crazy, and I am sure you get to attain all the things which you ever wish for in life!

11. The young life in this era could be problematic but I expect My son enables you to receive relaxation when you’re burdened, and calmness when demanded.

12. You’ve entered a Fairly young age, today you’re legally Allowed to perform anything but in a certain manner.

13. You are really the most astonishing 21-year older I understand! You are enjoyable To be being with you is not a boring moment! Now that you are legally permitted to drink alcohol, then it is time to rock and roll! Happy birthday!

14. Now that you are 21 it is time to Begin to slow down, consider it You deserve to get a small bit of R&R.

15. Were you aware that as Soon as You have a 21st birthday celebration, Nothing else matters? Probably not as it is not correct. But that is what you will feel tonight. We may also, enjoy this grandson.

16. Will be prepared with a camera when You get drunk tonight and I will love watching it 10 years from today.

17. What occurs, joy never leaves your own path! Today is a special day and it is your 21st birthday dear kid, and I wish to wish you all the very best for your lifetime.

18. Ensure that you dream big and achieve your objectives. In all Your own success, do not forget that the easiest things lead into the life span.

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19. Now you Are old enough to produce your own cash and cover your drinks, and possibly ours too? Happy birthday!

20. Do not waste your valuable time in absurd functions as you’re 21 Years old and you’re officially permitted to do things in a ideal way.

21. Welcome to maturity! Remain as carefree as before, however more developed and accountable. Happy Birthday!

22. Now in your 21st birthday I want You to Have the best Birthday celebration of past decades to make it particular. May your coming years be filled with great deeds and blessings! Happy birthday.

23. Happy birthday love! I’m still in amazement of this Lovely and inspiring young girl you have become. The world needs more folks like you.

24. Happy Birthday! Great deal of pleasure in our own life & we hope you will continue to make us proud of you long to. God bless you precious girl.

25. Growing older, does not mean That You Ought to lose your hobbies And enjoyable minutes! Chase your dreams rather than become overly severe. I love you friend!

26. Roses are reddish, candy are sweet, today you are 21, let us go Gaming and drink!

27. I wish your Hangover on another day won’t be that poor and can your walk home in the party be more attractive than the one if you are a baby!

28. It is your birthday, dear cousin, You’re the most amazing Person in our loved ones. Sharing this afternoon along with you means a lot to me than you can ever imagine, so appreciate that large 21 and be happy.

29. To finish 20 years is the most significant of all birthdays And together with it come a lot more duties, new fantasies and other enjoys.

30. You’re on the bridge of your 20s, it is your 21st May that Decade brings you the best accomplishments for you & makes you more happy. Best wishes.

31. Love you and everything you stand for and I know you’ll have an wonderful time turning 21.

32. Now’s the opportunity for you to Begin Producing your youth dreams a reality! You simply have to work hard and be determined to reach your dreams no matter the challenges.

33. Happy 21st birthday boy! Now you’re officially legal enough To do the things you’ve been wanting to conceal from me and your mom as you’re younger. Just kidding!

34. It is your 21st birthday! And you wish to observe? You need to Be the only one to be more delighted to rise to 365 times in 1 day! Happy birthday yet!

35. Time flies when you are young and having fun. Love your twenties. Before you know it… you will be knocking thirty. Happy 21st birthday for you, friend!

36. Happy 21! that! I only hope you’re all set to welcome your own first hangover. Cheers!

37. Enjoy your twenty-first birthday along with the rights and Benefits that have this. I am pretty sure it’ll exceed all of your life expectancy! Happy birthday!

New age on your existence in the world has become start from today on, I expect God will always be with youexactly the same with me who are constantly with you.

38. Hurrah! It is the 21st anniversary of the birth to the world! Wishing you nothing short of a wonderful burst as you commemorate that special moment!

39. For mepersonally, turning 21 is the very awesome stage on your adulthood life! It is not just a building block towards accomplishing your dreams, but it is also a fantastic chance to learn a great deal of awesome things in existence! Happy birthday!

40. I am hoping with all of my heart That, through the coming 365 days of your lifetime, you may satisfy with the joy, fortune, happiness and you’ll delight in the life.

21st Birthday Quotes

41. You need to turn around yourself for 21 occasions and you should Shout everybody that today is the birthday. You need to always keep this instant in mind and never forget it. Since that activity is so difficult thing to get an additional time. Bid farewell to your own incredible youth and say hello to your good grownup. Happy Birthday.

42. It was really one of the fantastic moments of my entire life and I am certain you’ll now agree with me, also!

43. You have been blessed with another year on your lifetime. Require This opportunity to ensure it is the beginning of something amazing. You are only 21 and you’ve got a lot in store for you, So that I want you the excitement to welcome every challenge which you might face.

44. Wow! You’re turning 21 my precious granddaughter, that is almost A major number. Happy Birthday, love!

45. Yay! You have got the liberty You’re on the Lookout for at last!

46. You’ll Never have your 21st birthday , Thus have fun Once it continues and get the most from the season. I expect you’re always an wonderful brother .

47. Near the conclusion of your childhood! So be fast take benefit & let’s party!

48.Never feel unhappy about growing elderly, for Being in a position to grow old and appreciate life is a privilege many do not get to love.

49. Congratulations, it just became legal for you to perform the Same dumb things you have been doing since you’re a teenager. It is just that today you’ll have some help out of a noxious substance.

50. Bear in Mind, life could be stuffed With many struggles but regardless of what happens, do not ever consider quitting! In reality, now that you are 21, your own life will probably be interesting and enjoyable!

51. You’ll not have a birthday for this once again. After This birthday, most of them only begin to blend into precisely the exact same thing over and over again. Enjoy!

52. As soon as I attained my 21st, times were slower and simpler. However, Now that it is your turn, it feels like it is a more exciting experience. So let us celebrate this significant milestone of your life. Happy birthday!

53. I do not know exactly what to get you I thought about

54. Now that you are twenty-one You’re probably too old to perform Foolish and ridiculous things which you will regret. That is why the authorities made a decision to permit a chemical to cause 12-15 year old behaviours. This way the overall population will have the ability to remain immature.

55. Now is thought of as a special evening for you, But every day for the last 21 years has been particular, since you exist on the planet. Enjoy your daily life as far as everybody loves life with you inside.

57. It is not Only because you are my son, it’s because you’re yourself: kind-hearted and intelligent. Happy 21st birthday boy!

58Now you have come to a Stunning minute of life and I am so pleased to see that your healthy development. May each day of your life brings fresh hope for you!

59. Although You have got plenty going on but now just delight in turning 21. Have a Excellent birthday!

60. Happy Birthday! It has been an Incredible 21 years while viewing You develop, learn, and laugh because you pursue your dreams with all the capability to attain anything.

61. Happy birthday, my love! You have got a lot of blessings May you love all of the basic things and cherish the most extraordinary ones!

62. You have finally reached Still another significant milestone in your lifetime.

63. Duty is right round the corner. Before you create

64. At 21, you must now Learn How to pay your rent and other Bills! Nevertheless, the fantastic thing is that you finally have the liberty to do everything you need in life! So enjoy this wonderful chance! Happy birthday!

65. With life altering moments and excellent experiences! So enjoy this trip of your own life and be certain to live life to the fullest!

66. You’re now smart enough to handle the scenarios and make Logical decisions.

67. It’s obviously a special evening for you! You can currently Officially order your very own alcoholic beverage once we visit our favourite hangout place!

68. I am so glad that you are now It is a fantastic age to begin doing things that you weren’t permitted to do if you are younger. Be sure to talk about it with me, ok!

69. Your brother eventually reaches his lawful era, congratulate and There are kind of 21st birthday wishes underneath you can send to him.

70. Happy 21st birthday young guy! You should really be proud Yourself because not a great deal of individuals get to observe a birthday that is heterosexual! So enjoy this awesome gift of life!

71. Into 21 and I am pleased to be here with you on this particular day. Always keep in mind that, regardless of how old you become, I will always be by your side until my departure.

72. Take your time and Revel in every day, every second of each Year, since you are now 21 and also you will get more fun! Happy birthday!

73. Turning 21 is a significant item & congratulations. You’ve got Become somebody responsible, older and so worthy. Happy Birthday and let us continue together for another 21 decades!

74. Nobody is perfect. Date a lot of folks, have fun, celebration many times, like, get drunk and be certain to have somebody to drive you home. Happy birthday!

75. This is wishing you a life of Joy and blessings! You are doing good, friend!

76. Happy 21st birthday, friend! You will remember forever! That is a terrific way to jumpstart your maturity!

77. This is my Awesome information That You can not hear from everyone. The previous twenty five years passed so quickly andwait for this – another twenty decades, and your entire life will pass the same quickly. Do not care problems, Laugh just how much you really wanted. End.

78. Turning 21 will not change that! But the one difference is that we are now more powerful and more fortunate, so hopefully, no more heartaches!

79. Now that you are an adult, don’t Be reluctant to take risks. Be brave and do not hesitate to target high! This is the second in your life at which you are able to begin working hard to get to the summit of success!

40. Happy 21st birthday friend! Growing older Doesn’t automatically Imply you’ll give up in your favourite hobbies and enjoyable minutes!

80. We’ll make this night even more particular than previously. Happy birthday !

82. Together with your birthday present coated with love. I am convinced that this is the 81gift you can give to somebody with this particular day for them. These are a few of 21st birthday wishes you could send them.

83. Believe me, this Will be the Final birthday at which you won’t think of any duties, so enjoy it while it lasts! Tomorrow, you’re going to be on your own, person!

84. It Doesn’t really matter how many candles You’re Going to Blow on your cake now. What things are the life lessons you’ve learned on the way!

85. The very first twenty-first years of the life flew by so quickly! I Just wish the upcoming twenty-first years is going to be as amazing as you are! Happy 21st birthday, friend! I hope you will enjoy every second of it!

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86. You’re finally entitled to purchase your Personal vehicle! So you know what is going to happen now! Love my very best buddy.

87. Oh man it is your 21st I would like to wish you great fortune. However, Really you do not need it. Happy Birthday my very best buddy!

88. If You Discover yourself falling to your 20th time, do not be scared to neglect 21 times longer! Life is just one bumpy trip — sometimes you’re up, sometimes you are down. What matter is that you constantly get-up after you have been knocked down.

89. You’re finally entitled to purchase your Personal vehicle! So you know what is going to now! Love my very best buddy.

90. I’m really pleased for the person you’ve become. You’re currently Very wise and accountable beyond your years. I am hoping your 21st birthday can inspire one to perform many more amazing things in life!

91.Twenty-one is the era where you eventually need to Begin paying For matters you want and desire! So the very first thing you ought to do tomorrow is to begin creating a living! Just kidding!

92. To me personally. Thank you a lot for giving me the very best 21years of my entire life. May you be surrounded with all of the people that you love!

93. Happy 21st Birthday to you handsome boy, I hope that you May your young life be fantastic in all facets as you develop.

94. Wow, 21 years have passed since you had been born on Earth! This means 21 decades of lessons learned and joyful memories! I hope you’re never stop studying and loving life!

95. I would never overlook your Birthday notably as you’re presently turning 21! I am convinced this is one of those Most unique moments of your lifetime! Here is wishing you all the very best in your own Special moment!

What Do You Write in the 21st Birthday Messages for a Girl or Boy ?

Are you looking for the answer to the question of what to write on someone’s 21st birthday messages? So you have come to the right place. What to write! Don’t get upset thinking this. Because we have given many quotes in this post, which is for the 21st birthday. Friends, brothers and sisters, on the 21st birthday of any of your relatives, you can send happiness with our shared quotes.