18th Birthday Wishes For Daughter From Mom and Dad

18th Birthday Wishes For Daughter From Mom and Dad

18th Birthday Wishes For Daughter : For a parent, the daughter is a piece of heart, just as the son is the support of old age and the basis of life for the parent, in the same way, the daughter is also the basis of her life for the parent, the mother and father are in the happiness of the daughter. Is happy so never likes to see daughter sad.

Your daughter is 18 years old and you want to wish her a happy birthday on completion of 18 years. You are in exactly the right place. On this article, we have shared the 18th birthday wishes for the daughter, which is only for the 18 year old daughter.

18th Birthday Wishes For Daughter

  • Congratulations for turning eighteen. You can now officially demand the right to vote but you are officially banned from demanding an allowance. Happy birthday.
  • May life take you on a journey you never imagined, bringing you to a destination that stirs your soul, gives you peace of mind and surrounds you with love! Happy birthday!
  • You have completed another impressive 365 days around the sun. There’s no doubt that you have been spectacular over the last 18 years. Happy birthday to my beautiful daughter!
  • 18 years! Oh my God! My little daughter has become an adult! It’s true that I always wanted you to be the little one but today I feel much happy to see your healthy growth. Have a blissful life daughter!
  • As you clock 18 today, I wish you more years of strength and wisdom to overcome anything that life throws your way. Have a wonderful birthday!
  • You have been given the key to do anything you wish. Enjoy your freedom and Congratulations on your 18th birthday!
  • Today is a fantastic day because we celebrate your 18th birthday. I am more than happy to celebrate it with you and to help you have a great 18th birthday. Happy Birthday, Daughter darling!
  • As you celebrate this day, I want to remind you that you’re special and unique, you are able and strong to make sound decisions with your life from now. Don’t let any action you take hurt you. Happy Birthday.
  • I wish that God will fill you with wisdom, intelligence, and much prosperity for you in the future, may angels always accompany you on your path to success.
  • Dear daughter, best wishes on your 18th birthday! I wish that your celebration will be as sweet as you are.

18th Birthday Wishes For Daughter From Mom

18th Birthday Wishes For Daughter From Mom : There is definitely a moment in every girl’s life when the mother is her closest friend. For some girls, when daughter get 18th years and this moment comes when she is mentally or physically upset.

This day is special for your daughter. For this reason we shared 18th birthday wishes for daughter from mom article.

  1. From Mom
  • My child, happy birthday! It’s the happiest day for me and every year I eagerly wait for this day. I wish, your happiness be multiplies every year. Always follow the right path and may you become a noble person.
  • Today, my princess has entered into the 18th phase. Congratulations dear! No matter how old you are, I am always here by your side. I love you, my doll.
  • You long became an adult, I only waited for today for it to be made official. Happy 18th birthday from the proudest mother.
  • Being your mother is the best thing in the world. I wish you the best time of your life as you celebrate 18. Happy birthday.
  • Happy birthday to the one who makes my family complete. I love you more at 18.
  • No matter how many birthdays come and go, you’ll always be my little 18th girl. I love you. May God bless you every day and night! Happy 18th birthday, and have a stellar day!
  • Hey, my princes, I never wanted you to grow so rapidly. You’ve always been our lovely baby. Now, you are an appealing young lady. Our best wishes on your 18th birthday!
  • You don’t need to be more, you are wonderful just the way you are, you are enough and I love you greatly. Happy 18th birthday, to my daughter.
  • Happy birthday to the Prettiest, Sweetest and Cutest 18 year old that I have ever met.
  • You spur me to greatness with all the greatness inside of you. Happy 18th to the greatest person who happens to be my beloved daughter.

18th Birthday Wishes For Daughter From Dad

18th Birthday Wishes For Daughter From Dad : Today is a very special day for you, because today your beloved daughter is 18th years old. Daughters are the darling of the father in every household. Anyway, it is often said that if the sons are close to the mother, then the daughters are close to their father.

So, in this article we shared 18th birthday wishes for daughter from dad. We hope you definitely like our all 18th daughter wishes.

  1. From Dad
  • Here you are! Yesterday you were a daddy 18th princess, and today you are a real queen, beautiful, smart, gifted in everything. I wish your beloved to give you even stars from the sky every day!
  • Each person builds his own happiness. You have everything in it to cope with this task. Get your own, for this you have both abilities and opportunities.
  • There are only two things I love the most in this whole world, one is you my sweet 18th daughter and the second is being your dad. I proud of you, baby. Best bday wishes for my daughter!
  • This day is the most memorable day of my life as u completed our family on this day. Happy 18th birthday little princess.
  • To our beloved daughter, u have always made us very proud, and for that, we are forever grateful. Happy Birthday to u!
  • Don’t grow up too fast for me to catch. I cherish every second that we get to spend together. Happy 18th birthday, honey.
  • I hope you have an unforgettable day and always keep in mind that your father and I love you with all my heart. Happy Birthday, sweetie!
  • All my bad days were gone because your smile takes all my sorrows away. Give joy and may you receive joy on your birthday. Dad loves you.
  • My sweet angel, why do you have to grow up so fast? Happy birthday to a woman who will always be the 18th little daughter I’ve brought to this life.
  • Happy 18th birthday to the most charismatic girl in the world. You are the cutest, sweetest, and lovable girl.

18th Birthday Wishes For Daughter From Parents

18th Birthday Wishes For Daughter From Parents : Daughters are too cute for parents. Today, your daughter is 18 years old. When a girl turns 18, a lot of new ideas come to her mind. On this important day, double the happiness by wishing your daughter with our 18th birthday wishes for daughter from parents message.

If you want to know what a daughter is, then you have to understand the heart of a parents. A daughter is not just a child rather a piece of parents heart.

We have shared the 18th birthday wishes for the daughter from parents through this post. We have made this post worthy by adding beautiful words to a parent, who can send happiness to their daughter by sending her a message on completion of 18 years.

  1. From Parents
  • Always keep in mind that Mom may not be the best. But parents will always love you unlike the rest. we love you my little girl. Wonderful Birthday!
  • Roses are red, and chocolates are sweet. But having you as our daughter is the sweetest treat! Happy Birthday our love!
  • You are just like a rare unicorn: majestic, magical, and colorful. Okay, so maybe not magical or majestic, but you definitely have a colorful way with words! Happy birthday!
  • Life is a mystery. Make your own history. But remember to always be lovely. All good wishes for you on your 18th birthday our lovely daughter!
  • We love how you grow older, but are still a child at heart! Happy 18th birthday, We couldn’t imagine our life without you!
  • You proved that you are not only a wonderful daughter; but also an awesome human being. Today we celebrate your birthday, and wish all your dreams come true.
  • We hope you achieve great heights in life and fulfill all your dreams. Always remember we will always be there to support you. Happy birthday to our supergirl.
  • We don’t know what’s wrong with your birthday, but as always we are certain that it’s your fault! Have a magnificent day! haha
  • Every day is a gift with a daughter as wonderful as you. You’re caring, kind, and sweet as can be. Happy 18th birthday!
  • Wishing our daughter a birthday filled with wishes, hopes, and dreams come true. You’re a truly special daughter and you deserve all the world’s best.

Final Words

Daughter is the angel of parents, daughter is the mother and father’s sweetheart, you must have heard these things. If you are a daughter yourself or father-mother of a daughter, then you must have felt these things and feelings.

We made this post for your daughter’s 18th years birthday. We hope that the intention with which we made this post was successful and you liked all the birthday message. On this website we shared a lot of 18th birthday wishes for daughter from mom and dad. Also we provide lots of 18th birthday Quotes on this website.


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