18th Birthday Poem For Son, Friend and Daughter

18th Birthday Poem For Son, Friend and Daughter

18th Birthday Poem For Son, Friend and Daughter : Birthday is a special day for every human being. And we all want to wish a good 18th birthday poem with a nice gift to the people who close to us. But finding the right words to make a happy birthday poem can be a little difficult. So, HBW has come up with 18th birthday poem for your special demand.

In this post, we bring you best collection of 18th birthday Poems for son, friend and daughter. You can easily send these unique birthday poem to people who close to you through social media and others relation.

18th Birthday Poem For Friend

  • Just saying congratulations
    And the best of wishes, too,
    For no one else in all the world
    Deserves it more than you
    Happy 18th Birthday my friend.
  • Happy 18th birthday my friend
    Tonight I will join you in partying to the end
    I am sure we will have a fantastic time
    Because I have already started on the wine

18th Birthday Poem For Son

  • Well my son it’s arrived at last
    That milestone age has come so fast
    Now you are legally allowed to vote and drink
    Although the latter is not new to you I think
    But now it’s all legal so that’s alright
    You can visits bars legally and get plastered tonight
  • Oh my! Our little son is 18 now!
    Who can believe this?
    And who can afford to miss
    The moment of his birthday?
    Who will not want to say
    To our son,”Happy birthday!”?

18th Birthday Poem For Daughter

  • A loving daughter like you is hard to find,
    Glad that I can call you mine,
    Because you are too sweet as a person,
    Proud that you are my daughter,
    There can be no one like you or other
    Happy birthday my angel!
  • 18 is a special birthday
    So I hope it proves perfect in every way
    From the moment you wake until the day is done
    May you go to sleep happy and content as the setting sun

Final Words

You can easily send these poems to any of your 18th years friends, girlfriends and family members via Whatsapp or SMS. We hope you like the above 18th birthday poem. If you like it, don’t forget to appreciate our work by commenting in the comment box below.


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